Monday, May 18, 2009

Garden update

So not everything I eat grows wild...

The spinach is all done. Now our nightly salads are graced with home-grown carrots, cherry tomatoes, kohlrabi, and lamb's quarter. The beefsteak tomatoes will be ready soon while the okra and cowpeas are only still less than a foot high. The yellow squash and zucchini aren't much taller. I think I'm the only gardener on the planet who can't grow zucchini. The Indian corn ranges from dead to about two feet tall but I don't think I'll actually get anything from them. The ginger is doing great and yesterday the Jerusalem Artichokes sprouted. I'm really excited about those last ones. On Sunday I planted a bunch of wild onions that had collected out in the woods. Hopefully some of those will grow. The amarath, purslane, plantains, and elderberries are growing like weeds (ha ha ha!).

Adventure! Excitement! Agriculture!


Kelly said...

No, my dear, you are not the only one who cant grow zucchinis. I can kill almost any garden plant except weeds....and even those have trouble sometimes.

Sounds like a fun and tasty garden. I tell ya, there is nothing like going outside and harvesting your own fresh food. I have managed to grow mint and I love getting some. Oh and oregano.

My poor mom is constantly giving me new plants that she is just sure that I can't kill. And yet I manage to kill them all. She is a litle worried about giving me some crinums that my great great great grandmother brought here in the early 1800s. They were brought here by distant relatives from Scotland. Pretty cool! hope I don't kill them!

Anonymous said...

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Cute Obsession

Brad said...

My carrots are just green tops. No carrot. However, I've been eating lots of green beans, kale and radishes. Found my first zucchini this afternoon. By the looks, I'll have a bumper crop of those.
My tomatoes look funny, they're coming in, but they are bell shaped.

Shreela said...

I've never tried zucchini, but I imagine it's similar to yellow summer squash, which I couldn't grow for two different seasons. So I got mad and dug deeper rows (guessing about 1 foot wide, and 8'ish inches deep), then filled with compost, my cruddy soil, and rabbit doody. It actually worked, and I had plenty of squash from the few I planted.

Since I was sick last year, I'm too out of shape to do that much digging again in a new spot, since the former garden spot is now covered by my flooded truck hubby's supposedly going to fix. I did a little digging today to plant a chayote and am a bit sore just from that. But I'm slowly rebuilding my strength, and meanwhile have some stuff in a raised bed garden setup in a discarded wood bookcase. The tomatoes finally have a few flowers yay!

Shreela said...

I forgot, where did you get the Jerusalem artichokes?

Merriwether said...


gardening will get you back into shape...though if you are like me that shape will be twisted and hunched over. LOL!

I got the Jerusalem artichokes from the produce section of the big HEB Marketplace up in The Woodlands. Look for "Sunchokes". They should carry them in any of the fancy grocery stores. The tubers shown on my edible plants blog were what I bought and they cost under $4. I just stuck them in a patch of low quality/high sun dirt in the backyard, a week later they had sprouted. I'm hoping for a good crop of new tubers.


p.s. my verification word is "shougs" which sounds like a really evil garden pest. :-)

BigDaddyTX said...

Yay, I think my first tomato will be ready tomorrow. It'll be the second thing I've harvested from my garden outside of an early radish. I've got some squash that are close to ready and a bunch of everything else is getting close.. I'll post some pix on ZS in the gardening hot or not soon I think.