Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You mean that isn't normal?

"Daddy, hold these little worms while I get more."
-Miniwether, handing me a bunch of maggots.

A coworker asked what I did this weekend so I started telling her. She seemed to like me taking Miniwether to her ballet rehearsal and how I spent the entire time flying Mambowether around the studio's waiting room (boy are my arms tired. Ba-dum Bump!) She was envious about the crawfish boil, but her smile wavered when I mentioned the zombie suppression team meeting. It seemed to go downhill from there. By the time I got to Miniwether and the maggots she told me I really need to get cable TV then she backed out of the breakroom.

Funny, squirmy pets.

I didn't get to even tell her about the big fish. :-(

It seemed like a normal weekend to me. Miniwether's first ballet (Sleeping Beauty) will be next Saturday so last Saturday's rehearsal was a complete run-through which seemed to take hours and hours. Misseswether had her Chinese class so it was me, Mambo and a dozen or so stage-moms crowded into the waiting room watching the dancers through the big two-way mirror. Well, they watched while I flew Mambo around. Watching ballet really isn't my thing. I figure I'll see it all next week, there's no need to get overdosed on it. Miniwether's part is "Handmaiden #1 to the Lilac Fairy". Her big moment is when she hands a birdcage to the fairy... I offered to catch them a live bird to put in the cage but the lady in charge declined. Oh well.

Eventually the studio door opened and a huge wave of leotarded girls poured out. I grabbed mine and ran for the door. In an hour Pushy Broad's crawfish boil was starting and I wanted to get a prime spot at the table. I love the cooked crawfish, Miniwether loves the live crawfish, Mambowether loves the Zydeco music, and Misseswether loves not having to do dishes. We got there just after the first batch of boiled crawfish/sausage/potatoes/corn/mushrooms/onions/garlic/oranges/artichokes were dumped out onto the newspaper. Two hours and five pounds of crawfish later I had to excuse myself for a bit. It was Zombie Hunting time!

Believe it or not, Houston does NOT have an official zombie suppression team. However, one is trying to form. This area has a large number of rogue zombie hunters and we finally decided to meet, compare notes, drink beer and try to set up an official Houston Zombie Squad chapter.

Zombie Squad: We make dead things deader!

I'd say the meeting was a success and everyone at BJ's Brew Pub felt much safer when we left. Sadly I had to leave this meeting early to return to my lovely wife and fine children. Note to husbands: you can actually score a few points by returning to your wife earlier than you told her you'd be. Spending at least eight minutes a day kissing her is also a good thing. Be sure to brush your teeth or at least chew some gum first and also shave. Eight minutes of stinky, scratchy-face isn't going to create the mood you were hoping for. Hygiene, fellas! It can make/break a marriage.

But I digress...

Anyway, the Wetherfamily reunited among crawfish and spice, consuming mass quantities of both. Which made working out later that night awfully hard. The girls ran themselves ragged with the other kids and each only burst into tears once. What a great party!

Of course, the downside of every great party is the next morning. At least this time the mess was at someone else's house (Love ya, J-Ro!). After a brief discussion it was decided that spending the morning fishing with Mini and Mambo while Misseswether continued to sleep was actually a very loving and Christian thing to do. There's an amenity lake in our neighborhood filled with all sorts of fish...

...among other more interesting critters. See GG, there are alligators here! Note to self: no more Aerosmith videos for Miniwether.

I gave Baba Brad a call and met him and his Bradlet down at the lake. The girls alternated between fishing and running around playing with assorted flotsam deposited on the shore from last week's heavy rains/minor flooding (as opposed to this week's major flooding!). The high point of their discoveries was a dead, maggot-filled fish. Miniwether rushed back to me with a handful of squirming maggots, excited to show me her new pets! We spent the next few minutes discussing the life-cycle of flies, how maggots can be used to clean out wounds and could be used as bait. The last one did not sit well with Miniwether as she didn't want her "pets" eaten. Correction, she didn't want them eaten by fish, but she was intrigued by the idea of cooking them up for ourselves.

You know, sometimes after writing things like that I have to stop and wonder what sort of horrible problems revealing this will cause later on in life...

Anyway, we didn't cook them. A while ago Misseswether made the rule that no critters are allowed in the house without her approval. She's very strict about it.

Anyway, the morning was spent feeding worms to fish, though Brad did catch a really nice one.

Fish, the first white meat.


Eventually it was time to wander back home. Lunch was made, followed by an afternoon of gardening, trimming more trees, mending the fence, digging up an elderberry tree, turning the compost, reading to the girls, making supper, playing hide-and-go-seek with the girls, and working on my wild edible plant blog. You know, just a normal weekend...

Adventure! Excitement! No TV!


Garden Geezer said...

Merri, You are a brilliant Dad, I think its great that you explained to the girls about maggots and worms. Had the same conversation with my daughterabout 16 yrs ago.
By the way I started taking my little girl canoe-ing when she was still in diapers/nappies. I was wondering if your girls have been afloat with you yet on an adventure.
Best to you and yours,


Wildcat said...

sounds like a fun weekend. the crawfish part sounds especially good.


Anonymous said...

You have the best weekends. Crawfish, yum!

Merriwether said...

Paul, Miniwether has gone out paddling with me a number of times but Mambo freaked out the first time I tried taking her. That was a year ago so hopefully this summer she'll be up for it. They both start swim lessons in two weeks, so that'll help on a number of levels.

Wildcat/Christina, Yes, I have the most awesome weekend imaginable, usually within five miles of home. I'm a firm believer in life is what you make of it. I want my life to be awesome, so I make it awesome. I wanted a ten-cow wife, so I married one, etc...

For those of you who don't know what a ten cow wife is go here: http://www.schooleyfiles.com/2006/10/johnny-lingo-and-ten-cow-wife.html

Anonymous said...

i bet your girls and girlchild would get along famously. i overheard her recently telling the neighbor lady that you have to "dig down to all the really yukiest stuff in the compost to find the fattest grubs cos they taste the best." it was fun to watch the color drain from neighbor lady's face. when she did her demonstration of our chickens mauling the aforementioned grubs, neighbor lady excused herself to go back into the house.

J-Ro said...

Whenever we order the crawfish for the boil, we take a head count, then add an extra sack for Merriweather... So glad you and the chicks made it to the party!!