Sunday, April 05, 2009

Salad Days

So Saturday had me down at the Houston Arboretum teaching my edible wild plant class. Sixteen people attended which is my biggest group to date. Being caught up in teaching I once again forgot to get a picture of the class. It was a good time to be out foraging here in Houston, the greenbriar is perfect right now.

Greenbriar. It tastes just like asparagus but without the funky waste metabolites.

After the class was over I went back and took a bunch of photos of plants for my other website, I'm making a bunch of improvements to that site which means y'all are going to get a bit shortchanged this week on this blog. Sorry about that, but that blog helps pay for this one.

Sidenote: I'm trying to schedule an edible plant class over at Peckinpaugh Nature Preserve some weekend in May. If you are interested send an email at merriwetheradventurer at yahoo dot com (replace at with "@" and dot with ".") and make the subject "PNP Plant Class". I like to limit the class size to 10-15 people but if there's enough interest I'll run more than one session. The class will be free but donations (cash/gold/ammo/backrubs) are always welcome.

Adventure! Excitement! Expenses!


Brad said...

I'd be much appreciative if you could schedule it for after the 20th of May. You can guess where I'll be from the 1st of May until then.

Wildcat said...

hopefully i can make that one. i'll reserve a spot just in case.

BigDaddyTX said...

I'd like to come to that one too, just to get some more hands on, but I'll understand if you need the room for people who haven't been to one yet.

Wayne D. said...

Do you know of anyone who does these classes in Arizona?