Monday, March 09, 2009

Sunday in the park with Miniwether and worms

Looked! It stabbed me! Isn't that cool!

Miniwether LOVES to fish. She loves being out in nature seeing the fish/turtles/froms/algae/etc. She loves the daddy-Mini bonding time. She loves the breeze and the water. Mostly though she loves the worms. One needs to be a bit patient to fish with Miniwether as she has to closely examine each worm over and over before deciding which one to rip in half to bait the hook (I do the actual hooking part).

As much as she loves it, being only five means the whole fishing trip has to last under two hours or else she gets bored, even if she does have worms to befriend. If the fish aren't biting this time frame must shrink even more.

Luckily Sunday the fish (among other things!) at the pond in Tamarack Park in The Woodlands were biting like crazy. The first time I dropped the line into the water the bobber hit and immediately sank. I was rather confused by this until I saw it zoom off underwater.

Oh, a fish!

I thrust the pole into Miniwether's hand and told her to start reeling it in.


The fish were striking as fast as we could get the line into the water! It's strictly a catch and release pond, so all the beautiful bluegills we caught ended up going right back into the water. Miniwether wanted to hold the first one she caught. I n it to her and even though she did get poked by one of its spines she handled it perfectly while putting it back in the water.

However, she would not kiss its boo-boo.

Fish were the only things going after our bait. We occasionally had to pull the line up when turtles came after the worm. The weirdest thing though was this giant bull frog. On the second cast this frog the size of a gopher came charging out of the weeds and attacked Miniwether's bobber! It looked like it was trying to eat it and probably would have succeeded if she hadn't yanked it away. The next three casts the same bullfrog pounced on her bobber before finally figuring out it wasn't a big yellow and orange beetle. I was really hoping she would catch the frog. The sign said all fish had to be released...but it didn't say yummy frogs had to be released! Mmmmm.

Adventure! Excitement! Everything loves worms!


Packman said...
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Packman said...

At what age did you first take Mini fishing?

Merriwether said...

She started just before her 4th birthday.