Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I may end up regretting this but I've set up my blog so that I can make updates via Twitter. Now I can be sitting on a sandbar living the good life and tell y'all, "Hey, I'm sitting on a sandbar living the good life!" right then and there, assuming I have cell phone connection.

Wow, I've fallen so far...

Unrelated, it's now time for another episode of "What has Merriwether learned!"
Today's lesson is for all my readers who have a Hunter All-Fan Ceiling Fan & Light Remote Control attached to their ceiling fan. ALWAYS be sure to turn off the ceiling fan's lights before replacing a light bulb. If you replace the bulb with the power still on you have a good chance of sending a power surge through the fan-mounted portion of this unit which burns out the circuit board. The whole gorram unit then needs to be replaced!

Adventure! Excitement! Electricity!


BigDaddyTX said...

Cool for the blog, but twitter seems to suck for me personally, or maybe I'm getting old. I get myspace, but I can't even put a full thought on twitter when I'm typing. Can't even delete my account, feature is disabled.. I'm sure it's so they can run their user count up and say they're better than whatever other social networking site.

You're pretty verbose, I wonder if it's going to chafe trying to fit thoughts into such small boxes. It'll be interesting to see.

Shreela said...

Have you set up your phone to txt to twitter, under Settings | Devices? Since I haven't txt'd to twitter since Ike, I just tested it, and it went through quickly (I guess not too many Fargo flood tweeters are up right now).

My blog expired (that'll teach me to use a freebie host), so I guess I'll check out Blogger again, and figure out how to display tweets on it.

PS: I look forward to learning to forage 8^)

BigDaddyTX said...

Yup, only a week and a few days away from the class, I'm looking forward to actually making it to this one.

Merriwether said...

There are still 4 spots open in my class if your wife wants to come.

For those of you just tuning in, I'll be teaching my edible wild plant class at the Houston Arboretum.

Brad said...

Count me in. As long as there is no plane that day. Z too, if it's okay with you.

Michelle said...

What are you on twitter? I'm @justmichelle

Merriwether said...

You can follow me under the name MerriTA...which now that I think of it sounds a little porn site. :-(