Monday, March 09, 2009

I refuse to die.

I have way more holes in my body than most people.

The latest wounds are entering the itch-like-mad portion of the healing process. Tomorrow I go to the doctor to have some stitches removed and to get the test results on the things they pulled out of my body. I'm not worried about anything, though because even if for some reason things weren't what we originally thought there's ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I'M GOING TO DIE anytime soon.

You know why? Because I REFUSE to go to my grave in the back of a friggin Grand Caravan!


Adventure! Excitement! Invincibility!


Shreela said...

Looks like your wounds are healing nicely. See if a hair dryer on warm helps with your itching a little.

Is your April 4th foraging class still on, or is it pending because of your surgery?

BigDaddyTX said...
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BigDaddyTX said...

Well, it's not really my place to say anything, but it looks like he's still going on 100% ahead, so I wouldn't worry too much about the class being cancelled, plus I imagine we'd have gotten some sort of notice of that already, and it's still the better part of a month away for him to get better during. If I'm going to be "better" for it, he should be! :D Holding on for a few last things before I let them take my life away, and this is one of them. Do it. Do it. Hopefully it warms up some, or at least stops raining for it though. Are there usually still openings the day of that I can bring my wife if I feel like it since there's a spot?

Merriwether said...

The outside parts are pretty much healed and in two weeks all that will be left will be scars and lies to tell how I got them. :-)

BigDaddy, I'm not sure if your wife could be a walk-in. It'd be best if you called the arboretum to find out. I'm not sure how many have signed up yet, but there's room for fifteen.