Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Praise the Lord!!

After a year and a half of struggle and failure I finally had a breakthrough on one of my research projects at work. I promised the Lord that if today's experiment worked I would sing out His praise.

Glory to God in the highest
from Who all things come!

-Merriwether, on his knees.


Wildcat said...

Cool! Congratulations!


Windrider said...

And the faithful say,


Good for you Merri! Congrats on the research success.

Izzy G. said...

Whenever I preform an experiment I get down on my knees and say "Dear, God....just stay out of my way!" and it always works.

But I kid. Seriously praise Jeebus.
-Izzy the Hebrew.

thseng said...

Amen, brother Merriwether!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear of your good news and for your good word!