Monday, February 09, 2009

An overly estrogenic weekend

Sometimes it's tough to be the only man in a household...especially when it's a weekend filled with assorted parties. There seems to be an unspoken rule between the females in my family that any party we throw or attend isn't official until one (or more) of them have a meltdown. Saturday's birthday party for a neighbor boy was spent sitting on the floor next to the chair under which Miniwether was hiding and bawling her eyes out. She's a tough cookie in the woods but put her in a room full of sugar-hyped kids and she loses it.

Next came the last of the Chinese New Year parties. It was held in a Chinese restaurant with a buffet set up. The buffet was for the party. We were there for the party. For some reason Misseswether was afraid the buffet wasn't for us. Really afraid. I finally had to have the party organizer come over and tell her it was okay to eat.

It's not a party until something loses it's head.


The kids proudly display the dragons' heads. What a great party!

Misseswether just isn't into crowds, either. Nor does she handle throwing parties very well which means family birthday parties can be a bit stressful for her. I've dropped my celebrations down to a stack of Ding Dongs with her and the kids. Unfortunately, the kids require slightly more preparation. Misseswether always makes cupcakes for the kids' parties. The cupcakes ALWAYS fall over while Misseswether tries to bring them, precariously balanced, to wherever they need to go. Misseswether then freaks out. The first time it happened I made the mistake of say, "You know, if you just..." at which point I stopped talking because I'm not a complete idiot. Finally after several years of this I've carefully implanted in her the idea of me making a neat little Plexiglas cupcake holder. She seems willing to try.

Cupcakes baked in ice cream cones.


So yeah, Mambowether's birthday party was on Sunday. naps...
Being three just means her tantrums have that much more force behind them. Add sugar, take away the nap and the result is the six hours between the end of her birthday party and her bedtime was one long screaming fit. This of course upsets Miniwether and she lost it too. Note to self: next time the kids get shots of whiskey, too (JOKING!!!).


It's my party, I'll stab things if I want too.

Yeah, so that was the weekend, minus the babysitting two other neighbor kids Friday night. Luckily one was a 20-month old boy who thinks I'm the second coolest dude on the planet. His sister is a 4-yr old girl though with all the associated issues... My job was to be the horse whose back the three princesses rode on for four hours chasing the evil little boy.

This was the easiest part of the whole weekend.

Adventure! Excitement! Adrift In A Sea Of Estrogen!


Brad said...

Happy Birthday to the wee little one!! My wife and daughter (and me) think she's just such a cutie. Very surprised she agreed to hug me that first night over.

Now, you need a dose of testosterone to offset the estrogen sea. Go the range and shoot things. That usually works.

Anonymous said...

Doh! Why do I always forget the "Go to the range" part?

Ah well, still works OK for me :-)

Mike_H said...

My sincere apologies... My wife came from an all girls family for a few generations. When we had my son, there were some confused faces. I think her sister made a comment about how to handle a boy in the household.

Needless to say, I must make sure he has a healthy dose of "guy stuff" to offset any damaging effects that may come.

kmat said...

Looks like you could use a trip to the Chiropractor after being riden to the ground by such cute cowgirls...or were they wild indians?


thseng said...

Testosterone 'aint all it's cracked up to be, either. As I sat at #3 son's Cub Scout meeting last night I thought to myself "A half a dozen loud, hyperactive boys in one room... and HOW is this different than just staying home?"

Luckily our token girl is due to be born at the end of march.

Lone Star Chris said...

ha ha, no sympathy here.

Merriwether said...

I'm heading to the range Thursday teach three ladies from work how to shoot. :-/

I come from "sons only" families for at least five generations. I guess it's no suprise the first girls ever came in through adoption!

You ain't kidding. See how I'm making fists? I blew out my right wrist five months ago and finally went to the doc this morning. He thinks I bruised the wrist bones while working with a punching bag.

I suspect you never have to attend tea parties or wear fairy wings.

Lone Star Chris,
Bite me! :-)


Wildcat said...

Sounds like you need some time in the kayak.


Anonymous said...

Just wait til they start planning their weddings, Blast. Happy birthday to Mambowether!

One of the reasons why I'm not the biggest cupcake fan is having to peel cupcake paper and getting my fingers messy. Cupcakes baked in ice cream cones sounds like the best idea ever!