Sunday, January 25, 2009


The events of this blog post occurred between 5:00pm Friday, January 16th and 1:00am Monday January 19th, 2008.

5:00pm Friday-1:35am Saturday
I was racing home through Houston rush hour traffic on a Friday evening while fighting to stay awake. Blurry brake lights on the car ahead snapped me into sharp focus. The last thing I needed at this point was be in an accident. Tonight neighbors were coming over for a dinner party. Mmmm, smoked turkey, good wine, fine fellowshipness, really late night. The original plan was to have supper followed by supper and then watch a movie together. But we all had too much fun just talking and never bothered to put in the movie. Midnight was far past by the time the last goodbye hugs were given and the night ended.

1:36am-3:30am Saturday
Tossed and turned in bed due to insomnia. At 3:30am the big military cargo jet thundered by just a few thousand feet overhead. The sound relaxes me and I finally fell asleep.

7:00am-9:00am Saturday
Got up, showered, got the Wethergirls up, fed them, packed our adventure gear and headed off to Montgomery County Nature Preserve.

9:01am-2:15pm Saturday
Met up with Clark and the Clarkettes, Wildcat and his Kittens, and a friend of Wildcat's. We all headed down to a sandbar on Panther Branch Creek for a day of appreciating nature with fire, food, bushcraft, conversation, and Coca-Cola.
Sand + Girls = FUN!!

For only a dollar a day or thirty dollars a month you can feed a starving child...

Wildcat building a bird trap out of river cane and two pieces of twine.

Another shot of the trap under construction.

Finished trap.

I spent most of my time cooking up six "loaves" of stickbread. After only six hours it was time to go. The girls didn't want to leave (which was a good thing) but they did enjoy watching steam erupt from the fire as it was doused with creek water, stirred with a stick until cool enough to touch (messy!), then buried under a thick layer of sand. Then it was back to our trucks with the girls clutching the treasures they had found.

Look! Tail bones and a skull from an armadillo and some pieces of river cane!

Look! A the rest of the armadillo!

2:16pm-5:00pm Saturday
Fell asleep on the living room floor while playing with Miniwether.

5:01pm-5:35pm Saturday
Woke up and accidentally smashed Lego castle Miniwether had built on my chest. Feeling like a horrible daddy, I run to the shower and cleaned up for the evening.

5:36pm-6:05pm Saturday
It was Clark's birthday. Misseswether and I were joining him and his wife for a night of adult entertainment. Um, I mean kid-free entertainment (I don't really get out much any more). A babysitter had been arranged, dinner plans had been made, and comedic stylings were to follow after that. But first we had to get across town. Did I mention Poppawether used to be a professional stock car racer? You can do a surprising number of things in a large Honda SUV that normally only occur during competitive driving.

Unfortunately, drifting isn't one of them. Probably for the best as traffic was pretty heavy. Plus Misseswether's gasps and screams were already kind of distracting. They did help me stay awake though, so that was good.

6:06pm-6:09pm Saturday
Entered the Clark-hold and met the babysitter. She was tall, blond, athletic, light brown eyes with a touch of gold, the sort of smile that makes a middle-aged man glad he has young kids...

6:10pm-6:11pm Saturday
Violence erupts! I receive a sharp jab in the ribs from Misseswether's elbow.

6:12pm-7:37pm Saturday
Grab a Coke from the Clark fridge and we are off to get some food. Struggle! Every place we go has an hour wait. Finally found a mostly-empty French place (had some German's come through recently?) and enjoyed a nice supper next to a roaring fire. Sidenote: it was on fire when I got there, probably from the afore-mentioned Germans. Had two more Diet Cokes.

7:38pm-10pm Saturday
Attended ComedySportz Houston's only competitive improvisational comedy act. Sidenote 1: "competitive" doesn't automatically mean "full contact". Sidenote 2: "Matt" can't take a punch. Sidenote 3: Suggestions of "a herring" will be ignored. Sidenote 4: Improvisational humor + 1200mg caffeine = altered states of human mental activity. It was a lot of fun!

Us having fun.

10:01pm Saturday-12:07am Sunday
Hung out at Starbuck's because none of us parents were ready to take our kids back from the tall, blond, athletic, light-brown with a touch of gold eyed babysitter. I avoided any caffeinated drinks and focus on sugar instead.

12:08am-1:00am Sunday
Get kids and paid babysitter. Misseswether insists I have another Coke to prevent me from falling asleep on the drive home. I grabbed a Coke from Clark's fridge and drove home with Led Zeppelin CD cranked up loud. Got home in one piece and we carried the girls to bed.

Misseswether gets the small one.

1:02pm-4:02am Sunday
Surf internet while rest of the family sleeps. Jittery hands makes fine control of the mouse impossible.

4:03am-7:15am Sunday
Sleep some.

7:16am-9:45am Sunday
Get up, shower, then get the kids and hype them up on usual chocolate chip pancakes. Original plan was to take Miniwether fishing while Mambowether spends the day with mommy. Mambowether throws megatantrum. I decided to take her along fishing and just plan on not fishing myself. Misseswether takes pity on me and offers to come along, too.

9:46am-4:30pm Sunday
Drive over to Roy Burroughs Park. Texas stocks rainbow trout in Houston-area ponds each winter. The pond over in Burrough's Park had been stocked with the trout Saturday morning. It usually takes a day for them to settle down and start eating again so I figured Sunday supper would be a mess of fresh rainbow trout!


Optimist, boredom, and hunger.

Hunger satisfied and now back to optimism.

Still optimistic!

Still optimistic!

Aw, screw it. Let's build sand castles instead.

No fish. Luckily there was some left-over turkey from Friday night.

Sidenote: Other people were catching trout and kernels of corn seemed to be the best bait. The farm-raise trout are used to eating food pellets which look a lit like corn. The pile of trout lures I picked up earlier in the week didn't even score a nibble.

4:31pm-9:00pm Sunday
Drove home from the park with a truck full of sleeping females, which isn't a bad thing. Had some turkey and dressing for supper then went for our nightly walk. Orion stands directly over our neighborhood this time of evening and the Wethergirls love to hear stories of his battles. The three of us walk down dark sidewalks past silent houses as I begin to spin a tales of Orion's battles. Miniwether stops me and asks for a different tale. She doesn't want to hear about orion, she wants to hear about how Clark and I flipped Seeker's Fate when we hit a submerged pipeline while we were trying to run Spring Creek under flood conditions...

9:01pm Sunday-1:00am Monday
I finished putting the girls down and began blogging of my adventure hunting deer with an antique Russian battle rifle. Around midnight I hit the "Post" button and then grab a beer from the fridge downstairs. Misseswether had already been asleep for several hours. I drank the beer and then read for a while in hopes that I would eventually grow tired. At 1:00am I turned off the light, snuggled close to Misseswether and closed my eyes. My alarm was going to go off in five hours and I'd have to get up for work. I knew even if I fell asleep now I'd be awake for the 3:30am military cargo plane, though.

Yep, it flew over right on schedule.

Adventure! Excitement! Bite me, Jack Bauer!


The Blogging Park said...

I dont see this magic happening here.

Windrider said...

You are SO darned luckey...

Sooner than later you, my friend are going to have 2 beautiful girls calling your bluff.

And you should go to Church on Sunday because of Misseswether, for real.

I should have been so lucky in my last debacle!

Buy Diamonds Merri, buy Diamonds!!

Anonymous said...

What a fine-looking bird trap. I don't know how you were able to wrangle two little kids on such little sleep, though!

Merriwether said...

Blogging Park,
Um, what do you mean?

We normally go to 10:30am mass every Sunday, but God understands fishing.:-)

I find when me and the girls are out in the borderlands very little wrangling is needed. Take them to the mall and it's a whole different issue.

Anonymous said...

Yay, a Jack Bauer theme!! That show haunts me; it's hilarious and intriguing all at the same time.