Wednesday, January 28, 2009


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Sometime in the last ten hours I had my 100,000th visitor come to the borderlands. I find this amazing...unfathomable...crazy...


Since May of 2005 over 100,000 people have read my tales. Sure, most of them came because of the cat bite, but hey I'll take what fame I can get! Sidenote: the fourth and sixth pictures up on a google image search for "cat bite" is my finger.

There was a few times when I almost quit this blog. Life, normally crazy by most people's standards had become even crazy by my standards. But each time I was ready to throw in the towel a bunch of readers jumped up and convinced me to keep going. To you I humblly say, "Thank you".

I've made some amazing friends because of this blog. People willing to head off on any crazy adventure I dream up... Long time readers have watched Miniwether change from a smallish little adventurer to a bare-handed-fish-catching beautiful young lady. You cheered for me when Misseswether, Miniwether and I headed to China to get Mambowether. You've laughed at my physical pains yet wept when I lost Oz. Every joy I have gets shared with you and so becomes multiplied more times than I can count. Every punch I take gets spread among all of you, diluting it's impact. You read me, I need you. It's a wonderful relationship and one I'm so very, very thankful for!

I wish I could buy you all a beer. Alas, that particular action is limited to those in the Houston area who've hunted me down. The rest of you will just have to raise a glass to the mirror and say, "Merriwether LOVES you!".

Adventure! Excitement! Inconceivableness!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love reading your blog and look forward to your posts!

Wildcat said...

Congratulations!!! 900,000 visitors and you'll be at ONE MILLION


Izzy G. said...

I'm closing in on 10,000. Thanks to you, of course.

I installed Google Analytics into my page two weeks ago. Man I have gotten some strange ISP/Hostnames. Probably Al Qaeda knowing I will be a threat to them in the future. I bet they send a robot back in time to kill me.

Anonymous said...

re your beer dilemma, I can help I think.

Just post it to me!

I'll email my snail address here in the UK.

There, just 99,999 others to do.


Lone Star Chris said...

Cheers, my friend.

BigDaddyTX said...

Felicitations! Compliments! Congratulations! ;) Pretty amazing stuff. Now it's time to do a public access show, just start bringing a camera with you when you go out and film it, Houston has got to be big enough that people would eat that up and with a blog like this to keep people around, you'd be the next Survivorman in no time. Just have Izzy fill in a 5-10 minute gear review each show and you do a 20 minute survival show, it'd be great, but it looks like Houston public access might get the axe in April.. nice.

thseng said...

"I wish I could buy you all a beer."

You still have my address.


oldsoldier said...

Well, I just found your blog, oddly enough. I actually found it trough Izzy's. I know you both post over on ETS, and I REALLY wish I could find other members from that group that blog here. I have learned alot from some of the folks over there; enhanced my knowledge by learning from others. My intent is to share what I know with others less experienced than me, and to learn from others who are moreso. I seriously doubt I will be able to read ALL your blogs, but I do intend to make this part of my daily reading...good luck to you sir, thanks for the blog which I am SURE I shall learn from, and will see you on ETS!!!

Anonymous said...

I still remember the night I found your blog; I googled something about vanilla and you had used the phrase "the smell of vanilla" to describe your mom. Random, huh? Then I just read for an hour, all your adventures, cried about Oz and marveled at what amazing things your children and wife get to learn about through you. I squealed in excitement when I found you, a celwebrity, had made a comment on one of my blog posts. Mutual admiration, indeed!

Merriwether said...

Hugs to the women, back slaps to the men and 1/100,00th of a beer to Sim and thseng!

Thanks y'all.