Sunday, November 02, 2008

Candyman Banished

For nine years the Candyman had struck terror in the hearts of neighborhood children. Just a glimpse of his dark, towering form sent kids running, screaming back to their parents. He and the house of gore he dwelt in rose up every October to cast darkness across the land. Nothing could stand up against this evil.

Until this year. This year a little girl said "No" and sent the Candyman back into the little darkness under the stairs.

Which is a total bummer.

Miniwether used to love the skulls, the zombies, the dismembered body parts... But this year she said they scared her and she asked that I not decorate the house other than jack o'lanterns.

Carving the pumpkins.

So very not scary. Mambowether's pumpkin has five eyes. It kind of looks like a shape-sorter toy.

As usual, Miniwether and Mambowether chose to be fairy princesseseses. At first Mambowether wanted to dress as a chicken, but considering our neighbor was going out as Peter Griffin we decided it was best not to tempt fate.

Sweet, innocent, beautiful fairies.

I don't know when the Candyman will free to bring the true meaning of Halloween back to this neighborhood, free to howl and bleed, free to remind people there are still things with fangs in the darkness. For now everyone can laugh in the night thanks to the pleas of Miniwether. For now there's nothing to fear...

Fairy.jpg Wah hah hah haaa!

Pieces be with you.


Windrider said...

Adorable Daughters Merri...


Enjoy it my friend. Before long those two gals will be bringing boys home to meet you.

It makes me wonder about my own "Grizzly Adams" world I live in . My house looks like a gun shop, hunting, and survival store.

I'm a bear with furniture.

But I always envy you guys with the wife and kids. That has to be nice to come home to.


Merriwether said...

Yes, being a parent has many blessings. On the other hand you may have noticed it's been over two months since I've been on any real adventure...

Windrider said...


Hey, you can take a "Business trip" to Florida and we can go prowl the everglades, and Keys for a few days.

Just sayin....

What happens with Windrider, Stays with Windrider.