Thursday, October 23, 2008

Too soon since the last goodbye

Oz and Shine: Happier times.

Shine never got over the loss of Oz. They had been best buds forever, when Oz passed away earlier this year Shine stopped eating and would wander around the house yowling. We tried different foods but nothing helped. Trips to the vet gave no solution. He eventually wasted away to nothing but skin and bones. This damaged his kidneys.

I finally had to have him put down this evening. He's now buried next to his best buddy, Oz.

Shine's last picture, regal to the end.

Shine was an interesting cat. Where Oz was fairly stand-offish and would only deal with people on his own very select terms, Shine was the social, party-animal cat. He was always in the thick of things no matter how rough things got. I've rescued him from the painful clutches of many a neighborhood kid and a second later he was going right back to them. This was the cat that you could dress up in doll clothes, place him in a stroller and push him around until you got bored.

Of course he was also the cat that would tear up the furniture, sleep on your head at night, and steal any food he could reach.

Funny Shine story: When the Nephewethers came for a visit the youngest one was constantly getting his food stolen by Shine. He eventually learned to hold his food over his head between bites to keep it safe. Well, one afternoon we went to Seawolf Park down in Galveston and had a picnic. The Nephewether took a bite of his sandwich then held it over his head. SWOOSH-NAB! A seagull swooped down and stole the sandwich!

I felt kind of bad for laughing but it was really funny. When we got home the Nephewether scolded Shine for making him hold his food up.

Of course, Shine's true claim to fame came from my attempt to rid him of fleas and the resulting infection. I get over 100 hits a day to this blog from those to posts. Hmmm, I make about $0.05 from the ads on this blog, so in only 7000 days I'll have earned enough money to pay the doctor's bill from his bite.


Shine must have been really hurting. He didn't fight the sedative the way Oz did when he waa put down. Shine gave into it immediately, like he wanted to be at peace. He's there now, hopefully back with his best friend.

I need a new computer. The screen on this once is all friggin blurry.

Peace be with you.


Anonymous said...

Blast, I feel for you. I feel our friend is having the same trouble after the recent loss of her friend.

We'll keep your family in our prayers.

- Earp

Windrider said...


I'm sorry for your loss. Truly.

Thats why I'm petless right now. I just don't want to have to say goodbye to another one.

Be Well,


Garden Geezer said...

So sorry to read this Merri.We have two cats too who are inseperable. My screen is blurry too.
Best wishes
Garden Geezer