Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Afternoon in the Park

It was going really well until the Houston Police Department highly armed robot malfunctioned.

Mambowether, traumatized.

However, we got to see the Lifeflight helicopter land which was very cool.

Joe was the pilot again. He's always very nice.

Oh, and the big street-legal Ronald McDonald Shoe was pretty neat...

No, I am not high.

No! Not drunk either.

See? Big red shoe. I'm completely sober.

The third Sunday in October is a special weekend on the banks of Spring Creek out at Roy C. Burroughs Park. It is when/where Harris County Precinct 4 throws a big party to celebrate the tremendous park system that Harris County has created. Being a huge fan of these parks, I try and get to such events to show my support and thank the people involved. Plus, there's usually fun stuff to do.

Miniwether was reading the flyer for the event on the drive over. Two things immediately got placed on her "Must Do" list. The first was face painting, the second was fishing.

So of course, she had a fish painted on her face.

I'm not sure what fires Miniwether's strange fascination with face painting. I'm guessing because it's the closest we come to letting her wear makeup. She's only five, but now days that's pretty much like being nineteen and away at college. Whenever she gets any stickers she carefully tears them into small pieces and puts them on her face/hands as eye shadow, lipstick, earrings and fingernail polish. She'll do the same with Play-Dough too, which leads to a very Tammy Faye Bakerish appearance...

Mambo wasn't quite so keen on having paint applied to her face. Reading the MSDS to her didn't seem to help.

The event had all sorts of stuff to do. Arts and crafts, animal skins, pumpkin decorating, pretending to be's just fun for the whole family! However, we were making a beeline for the fishing booth.


After toads, fish are Miniwether's favorite critter. She LOVES to fish. So much that if I don't have a pole/line for her on our nature walks she'll sneak up on fish in the streams and catch them with her bare hands.


This time she stuck to using the cane pole supplied by Park volunteers. The volunteer was about to stick a worm on her hook when Miniwether cried out, "No! I want do it!" The volunteer looked at me with one eye cocked and started to hand Mini the worm.

"No! I want to pick my own worm!" Miniwether took the box of worms and began pulling worms out, examining them, then dropping them back into the box. Misseswether was standing next to her telling her to find a big, fat, wriggly one. Another mom nearby watched with her jaw hanging open, then asked in shock, "Is that safe?!"

Lord have mercy on her kids.

Miniwether eventually found a worm that met with her approval and watched intently as it was stuck on the hook (she's still a little young to play with fishhooks). Then it was down to the water's edge.

Yes, Misseswether wears high heels while fishing. Meanwhile Mambowether kept trying to spear the fish with her pole, so we had to take it away from her.

Success! It only took about five minutes for Miniwether to catch a fish. I took it off the hook for her, she kissed the boo-boo the hook made, and we released it back into the water. Mambo's fishing pole was returned to her and she fished until the small crappies stole her worm. She decided she'd had enough fishing and really wanted to check out the music blaring from a nearby pavillion.

The music was for a magician, but he didn't hold the girls' interests for very long. That's when I spied the HPD Copbot way off to one side. We thought it'd be fun to check it out.

Yeah, so now I'm up to #715

The Darth Vader gloves should have been a warning.

So apparently this Copbot is supposed to be a "fun and entertaining way for the Houston PD to interact with kids". At least that's what the lady with the gun and badge said. Miniwether and Mambowether were a little scared of it, but she convinced them to stand by it so I could take a picture.

"Go over and stand by it." she said. "It hasn't been working right so it's not even turned on right now."

The Wethergirls were rather dubious, but eventually they crept up to the thing. They had their backs to it and had just begun posing when it swiveled around and lifted one arm.

Mambowether FREAKED OUT and ran to me screaming. This caused Miniwether to do the same, both of them ended up clinging to my legs and bawling their eyes out.

The cop who was on the phone had seen the girls getting ready to pose and decided the Copbot would look better facing directly towards the camera. He helpfully reached over to it's arm and swiveled it around, scaring the bejeebies out of the girls.

He felt really bad, though not bad enough to let Miniwether shoot the Copbot with his gun, even if she did display proper trigger-finger discipline.

By the time everyone was settled down again Misseswether and the Wethergirls were getting kind of wilted. I decided it'd be best if we went home, even though there was still some stuff I wanted to see. We took the hayride back to my truck and headed out. Judging from everyone's response, I think I had made a good choice both in going to the event and leaving when we did.
Sleeping beauties.

Peace be with you.

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Thorian said...

You know if you really want to traumatize the kids show them short circut. As that Cop Bot looks a lot like Johnnie 5.