Sunday, October 12, 2008


No post, there is sickness in the Wether-household. I'll try and get a link up to something unusual, funny and useful later this week.

Peace be with you.


Packman said...

Hope you all feel better. Some nasty virus is going through the Packman household as well. Toddlers seem to be a never ending source of new sickness coming into the house. . .

clarktx said...

Are you taking requests? I'd like to see more about cooking bugs.

You could put the whole "alien autopsy" spin on it. Most aliens seem to be similar to bugs (based on empirical evidence, of course).

Combine these two concepts... And you have something unusual, funny, and useful.

After all, in the event of an insectoid alien invasion, you really couldn't know too much about how to cook up a tasty bug.

Nothing demoralizes an alien army's spirit faster than the knowledge that your human foe is looking at them, drooling...

Merriwether said...

Dear Lord, all I ask is that when the aliens invade Earth make them taste like shrimp. Amen.

Yep, I am so going to teach the girls that prayer before the next Sunday school class!