Thursday, October 16, 2008

It seemed like a good idea at the time #714

Miniwether LOVES critters. Toads, lizards, beetles, moths, snakes...she has become an expert at capturing anything that moves. One of my proudest moments was when she held up a finger with a gecko hanging from it by it's mouth. Miniwether looked at me and said, "It's biting me but I'm dealing with it".

Mambowether? Not so much a fan of critters. If it isn't a mammal it scares her. She might look closely at something that Miniwether is holding, but she won't touch it.

Now this time of year it's getting dark early so that when we go for our nightly walk after supper, the sun has pretty much set. This means one thing: TOADS! Miniwether loves toads more than any other critter and every night she manages to find at least one toad, though often two. These are proudly carried home then smuggled past Misseswether to be released in our backyard.

Mambowether watches these events with guarded interest, but mainly with fear.

Well, last night Mambowether declared that if Miniwether catches a toad she (Mambo) will touch it. Off we went into the dark and soon Miniwether was holding two fat, squirmy toads. Mambowether lived up to her statement and took one from Mini. She held it for a minute until it twisted in her hand, startling her. She dropped the toad and grabbed my leg.

Now being the supportive dad that I am, I had been praising and complimenting Mambo on what a big and brave girl she was to hold the toad and how happy I was that she was such a big, brave girl. She beamed up at me, we hugged and I praised her some more about what a wonderful, brave, BIG girl she was.

It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

In the middle of the night Mambowether had to poop. She doesn't normally poop during the night but we put her in a pull-up diaper in case of accidents. Well, since daddy had been telling her what a BIG girl she was, she decided she didn't need to ask for help. She could go to the potty, pull down her diaper and go poop like a big girl.

Good plan, poor execution.

When I got up this morning Miniwether proudly told me that she (Mini), "had cleaned up the floor".

"Um, what did you clean up?" I asked, noticing a rather bad smell...

"Oh, Mambo pooped a little on the floor. But I cleaned it up. Wasn't that good of me?"

"Yes, thank you very much. You are the greatest!" and I hugged her.

Actually, Miniwether had done a suprisingly good job of cleaning up the floor. However, it took me over fifteen minutes to clean up the wall, the stepstool, the toilet, and Mambowether. But the floor was quite clean. Mambo spent the whole time excitedly telling me about how she pooped like a BIG girl and wasn't that a good thing, wasn't I proud of her?!

"Yes Mambo, you are the greatest and I love you so very much!", and I hugged her.

And now for Merriwether's Useful Tip of the Week: Compliment your toddlers, but tell them to ask for help when pooping.

Peace be with you.


Izzy G. said...

Oh, for Godsakes.....That just ruined my appetite for a month.

Tom S. said...

Toddler tip for next week: When you give your kids an old broken laptop to play with and the two year old watches intently as they pry the keycaps off, lock up the good laptop in a vault, with an armed guard, in another country.

Anonymous said...

Mini is not simply the eldest child, she is an Eldest Child. She will take care of Mambo, you, Mrs., and the rest of the world, which she will rule, one day soon.

Windrider said...

The Horror...

The Horror......