Monday, October 20, 2008

I am Joe.

I am Joe

I'm not rich, but I've always believed with hard, honest work I will be.
Someone wants to take that dream away from me. He wants to take the money that I worked my ASS off for and spread it around to others who haven't felt the need to work as hard.

No way.

-Merriwether (aka Joe)


David said...
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David said...

If you can make it to 250,000 dollars a year of profit, you are rich, with or without 3%. And most of us never will get that far.

If you can make 250,000 a year, your business is probably worth a million dollars (since typically businesses are worth four times their annual profit.) You're a millionaire. Of course you don't need any help any more, so why should you help someone else educate their children or buy healthcare when you've already got all the money you need? Why not just hole up in your mansion and tell everyone who never had a chance to get as far as you that "The system works for me! What's wrong with you whiners?"

I'm not Joe. I don't make 250,000 a year, and it's not because I don't work hard. Do you call veterans in need of medical treatment "people who haven't felt the need to work as hard"? How about kids who can't afford to go to college without scholarships (since their parents, lazy as they are, don't make 250,000 dollars a year). How about people who were laid off because now everyone buys their cars and tvs from Japan? Were they just not working hard enough? Forget about them. Let them starve. Why invest in those losers? After all, we might get rich some day, and it would be a shame if we had to pay back another 3% of our salary if we ever got there.

Merriwether said...

David, we both know it won't stop at 3%. Marxist philosophy isn't satisfied until everyone is equally poor.

As for kids going to college, here's something that worked for me: get a job! I paid my own way through a B.S., M.S., and a Ph.D. by working as a night security guard, grocery stocker, teacher, hay bailer, house painter, rock picker, and a stockroom minion. I'll admit I did get three $400 scholarships (one per year) for being top chemistry student, but that was from studying and practice, not any natural genius.

As for $250,000 a year being rich, that only shows you have no idea how to run a small business. Most of that is going back into the business to keep it growing. Every small business owner I know slaves away at their business putting in 80 hours a week or more. Luckily by doing this they are able to give jobs to less talented people. I'm always confused by the whole concept that "rich" people take more than their share from the economy off the backs of those "less fortunate". I can't help but wonder how these people would be employed otherwise. The government? It gets its money from productive members of society. At some point (as Europe has learned) you can only squeeze some much from these people, then they stop producing goods, services, and jobs.

Companies move overseas to find countries with better business climates. It's not just low pay for workers. If that were the case Ireland wouldn't have turned into the "Emerald Tiger". It was due to them having lower taxation rates than anywhere else. You want the jobs to stay here? You want companies to stay in the US? Make it worth a company's while instead of punishing them.

Like I said before, I am not rich but I have been working the last 39 years on becoming rich. I've never owned a new vehicle in my life, I don't have some giant 38" LCD tv, I don't have $2400 "spinners" on the wheels of my car, I haven't had a baby out of wedlock, etc. Like the fabled ant, I've spent my time and efforts in gather things to help me. Even when I was a starving, freezing college student I invested 10% of my wages in investments. I guess I paid attention in math class when they talked about compound interest. But you know what David? I also gave money to charity, homeless people and other good causes. You know what David? I still do. You know what David? I do it because it is the right thing to do, not because someone has forced me to.

In the end I don't need to get my hope from some Marxist thug. I'm not hoping he'll take from the "rich" and give to me. I'm sure in some ways you are a nice person David. But if that's your only hope for a better life then you have my pity and my prayers.


Rick said...

I have been reading your excellent blog for some time now. I have enjoyed your adventures But this post comes off as written in anger and not entirely well reasoned. First we are all Marxists of a form. We all pay for others children to go to school, to clothe and feed soldiers to protect us and our loved ones,heck we even raise the prime lending rate if employment gets too high in order to keep inflation in check. So to that point we are all Marxists of a form I guess it is only a matter of degrees. Secondly to your point that everyone needs to work hard like you I would humbly submit that if you hold a PhD. you are probably well above average and it would be inaccurate to measure the rest of the country in relation to you. I understand it is a exceptionally rare achievement.
Finally I would recommend you look at it from the perspective of practicality. A healthy middle class is necessary for stable government and safe society.
I understand a strong libertarian streak. I have one myself. I am tired of typing tonight. I hope we will talk again.

Merriwether said...

Rick, thank you for the kind words about my blog. This is a true labor of love which for some reason has attracted almost 80,000 views.

I agree that there is a need for some government. One person alone is tiger-food but one community will take the tiger. Some wag summed it up best when they said, "I loved anarchy until I discovered no one was picking up the garbage."

Yes,, I was angry when I responded to David. But I do not repent against anything I wrote. I've stood and watched while the so-called mass media has ripped apart people who question the liberal mindset while hiding the sins of those on the left.

While I was in Denver ACORN was protesting in front of the Federal Reserve Bank down the street from my hotel on the day the senate was voting on the bailout. A couple of young white people had whipped up a group of minorities into righteous anger. "Give us the money, not them!" they shouted. The irony of this seemed to be lost on them. ACORN original beat Freddie Mac and Fannie May into giving this subprime loans out in the first place against any sort of common sense. The result of making these loans is now readily apparent, yet the Democrat's hands in this disaster are kept hidden.

There are hundreds of similar stories of similar lies told by the left that are ignored or falsely dirtied by claims of racism. But these things are slowly leaking out and us ants are taking notice.

And us ants are getting angry.

Not the unhinged violent anger that the left is so fond of. No, we control our anger and funnel it into legal (for now) paths of change.

But the left? They bite and they burn and they throw feces. They smash and they pillage and they loot.

And the ants have watched and the ants have gotten so very, very angry.

We've read our history, we've watched (and traveled to) other countries. We know the disaster and the suffering that socialism brings. We know Che Guevara was a vicious psychopathic killer and are sickened when we see him worshiped.

I could rant all night long but as you said, I'm tired. Twelve hour days wear a man thin, especially when he then has to come home and be superdad.

I'm stopping now. Hopefully I made someone stop a moment in their headlong plunge into abyss. I guess we'll find out in a few weeks.

Peace be with us.


Rick said...

Merriwether. No need to thank me, what I said was true. I really enjoy your blog.
I wouldn't ask you to repent for anything, only to consider more deeply. I can't refute your claim of people being ripped apart by liberal mass media or of liberals biting, spitting or throwing feces as I have yet to hear of those things. I would however reassure you that I will stand with any American regardless of their views on other issues if I were to see such a thing. I will not condone violence by any American against any American if I can stop it. In fact it is your suggestion that the anger might be funneled into paths for change that might be other than legal that concerns me most. It was talk like that that lead a right wing terrorist to blow up a federal building during the Clinton administration. I would hope that you would stand with me against anyone advocating such a thing.


Merriwether said...

Rick, to clarify my comment "we control our anger and funnel it into legal (for now) paths of change." the legal path for change I'm talking about are things like blog, AM talk radio and Fox news. Unfortunately people like Nancy Pelosi and many other Democratic leaders have publicly stated that they want to do away with these avenues of right-wing thought by reinstating the Fairness Doctrine. Their desire to cripple the 1st amendment is terrifying. Not suprisingly they have never stated that CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Air America, etc... are in need of subjection via the Fairness Doctrine.

As for smashing/burning/feces tossing types of liberal activities I strongly suggest you read "Unhinged" by Michelle Malkin. It'll fill you in on everything most media outlets don't show. However, that book came out over a year ago so it doesn't include things like one young man's attempt at stiffling democracy by trying to set off a bomb in the St. Paul, MN convention center in hopes of stopping the RNC convention. (

Add to that the more recent reports of houses with McCain-Palin being shot up, spray painted, and fire-bombed. You want to start a riot? Have a right wing speaker give a talk at a university. Actually, it unlikely that the speaker will be allowed to talk so I should probably change that last sentence to 'Try and have".

These are not the actions that conservatives partake in, unlike say, a certain man by the name of Ayers...

Anonymous said...

I am an angry ant! I do not want to be forced to give my crumbs to the grasshoppers! Joe rocks!