Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pictures of Ike

Sunset on the Night of Ike

Before the storm. Note the realy big tree to the right of my neighbor's house.

After the storm. The tree missed my neighbor's house by less than a foot! It ended up blocking the road. Rather than go around the block the other way a number of jerks decided just to drive around the tree through our yards. This is hard on the sprinkler system.

Displaced possum. This critter was hiding under the fallen tree pictured above. It wasn't very happy. I didn't poke him with a stick.

Spring Creek flowing at over 12,000cfs. My normal launch point is twenty feet underwater in this picture!

The unprepared masses. This picture was taken Sunday morning, about 18 hours after Ike had passed. This was the first gas station in the area to open. A line of cars stretched back over a mile from it and there were always at least 200 people in line to pay $4.00 per gallon for their five gallons of gas. A number of fights broke out between the people. It was a fun place for a prepared guy like me to go for entertainment purposes.

The floating party begins. Sunday morning we gathered next door for omlets and margaritas. This kicked off what turned into a four-day party as we went from house to house eating each others food and drinking. Oh, one night we had tango lessons, too.

Supper Sunday night. The power had been off for 12 hours and I needed to start cooking food to avoid losing it. No way in heck was I going to let two pounds of shrimp go to waste. Shine and I managed to eat all but four of these shrimp.

Coldn't let the bacon go to waste, either. Mmmm, bacon. Sidenote: if you have a grill and a gridle you can cook ANYTHING. My neighbor managed to make cinnamon rolls on this! Trust me, never go into an Apocalypse without a gridle.

Stacks of meat being cooked in foil. Mmmm. thirty pounds of meat... I really don't think I've eaten such mass quantities of wonderful food since Misseswether's and my honeymoon cruise.

Third night of the party was at my place. I made fatiajas and dirty rice. For those of you visiting from Equipped to Survive forum, note the zippered binder in the lower right-hand corner under the small, yellow book. Yep, that's The Binder.

My beans and okra were trashed, but they seem to be struggling back now

Water damage to the kitchen ceiling. This was about all our house suffered, but many neighbors lost roofing and siding. I don't have ny pictures of damage to other houses as I felt that was an invasion of their privacy. About 1/3 of the house suffered roof damage and 1/10 of the trees in our neighborhood are now cut up piles of wood sitting next to the road awaiting pickup by the debris removal teams.


FEMA emergency rations. I didn't need to go to any of the FEMA supplied points, but a neighbor brought me one of the food packs. These boxes contain one day's worth of food for one person. I was hoping to get some military MRE's for hiking, but instad they were passing out the above stuff. Bleah!

Wednesday morning the power was still out at home but on where I work. As I pulled out of the garage to head to work I saw this beautiful sunrise. While at work the power came back on at home. It made me a little sad, I was having a great time!

I'll write more about my experiences with Hurricane Ike soon. I learned a lot of useful lessons that are worth passing on to others.

Peace be with you.

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