Monday, September 01, 2008

Lone Star Trail

I like the sound of treeeeesssss...
-Clark as he drifted off for a bit.

The proper way to enjoy the Lone Star Trail.

This hiking trail runs 128 miles through the Sam Houston National Forest.

Most of it looks like this:

Some parts look like this:

Occasionally it looks like this:

And that pretty much sums up everything you'll see on this trail. I'm not saying it's bad. It's just...repetitive. On the plus side it is close to Houston and has both loops and two-car hikes available. Back on Labor Day of 2005 Clark and I hiked a nice 13.5 mile loop by combining the Little Lake Creek and Pole Creek loops. It was a very pleasant day spent listening to birds, wind and the creak of hammocks.

This weekend's hike was similar, except for constantly dodging falling branches as the fore-winds of Hurricane Gustav whistled through the tree-tops. There was an astounding amount of dead and fallen trees throughout the forest. Every twenty paces along the trail we had to climb over or go around a large tree blocking the path, usually with debris raining down on us. It was pretty cool. Actually, this time it was brutally hot and humid. Even though we only did seven miles this time we were pretty tired at the end.

Since Clark is no longer my neighbor we drove up in two vehicles and met at 7am at the trailhead just south of the intersection of FM-1375 and FM-149. From there we took Clarks car over to the trailhead at FS-212(?) (north side of FM-1375, just west of the Lake Conroe bridge). In the past we'd been reluctant to do 2-car/non-loops but now we see how easy and convenient it is we'll definitely do more of them. Considering hunting season starts up Sept. 15th in the Sam Houston Nat. Forest and runs through February our next hiking trip won't be there. I'm thinking maybe the Trail Between the Lakes will be our next long hike. That trail crosses a lot of roads so we'll be able to cache water rather than carry it all. Eh, I'll figure out the details later.

And now for What Did Merriwether Learn?
1. Don't go into the woods just before a hurricane because stuff falls on you.
2. Merriwether can stretch an uneventful hike into a seven-paragraph blog post and people will still read about it.

Be excellent to one another.

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