Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike: 8:4pm, 9/12/08

There was a beautiful sunset, all read and orange across a destroyed sky. Now it's dark and the wind is howling. It's blowing at 45mph with gusts up to 60mph. The bad stuff won't arrive for another four hours. No rain yet but I can smell it coming. Shine is still freaking out. Last I heard Ike had grown to a class 3 hurricane. For some reason I can't get this computer to recognize my camera so I don't having any photographs to show you. Too bad my Mac is packed away now. I'm not going to spend time troubleshooting this dang PC right now.

I'm in Spring right off I-45 near he border of Harris and Montgomery counties. Like I mentioned earlier I'm almost 75 miles inland from the coast. I should be okay. There's a safe little nest witing for me under the stairs if it gets rough.

More later.

Peace be with you.

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