Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike: 2:15pm, 9/12/08

Lunch with the neighbors.

People are starting to get nervous as this storm isn't acting like other hurricanes. It has class 2 winds but Galveston has been hit with a class 5 storm surge. The local weathermen are keep repeating they don't know what is happening.

Outside right now.

The clouds are whipping by heading straight west. Luckily, that is the most protected side of my house. There's only one window on that side, but it is up on the second floor and it's really big. I have plywood for it but no way to get it up there. It really sucks when the neighbor with the big ladder gets a divorce and moves.

The main brunt of the storm isn't supposed to get here now until about 3am. I might take a nap so I'll be awake for it. Today has been doing the minor prep stuff like putting towels on the windowsills and doing thelaundry. If the power goes out for a few days I want to start it off as clean as possible. I have plenty of food, water, batteries, etc. For a mostly complete list of our hurricane supplies check here.

Water (bought May 1st every year)

More water filled last night.

Windows boarded up. The plywood is held in place with Plylox.
Sidenote: Those are okra plants!

Outside plants now inside.

We had our first rain a few minutes ago but the wind is holding steady. So far, this has been pretty boring. Hopefully it'll stay that way.


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