Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just Another Weekend...

Sorry we're running a little late, we found a bowling ball.
-Me on the phone to Misseswether.

Obviously not a bowling ball.

There's a certain pride a dad has when his 5-year old daughter is holding a snake. To be perfectly honest though the pride turns to boredom when there's a lot of snakes to be held.



Manbowether wasn't nearly as enthralled by the snakes, but then something else caught her eye...

Turkey legs! The big, red one is from a male and the smaller was female.

Of course everyone knows that where there's snakes there's pony rides. Miniwether loved this, too. Especially when her pony pooped (sorry, no picture of that).

The event had been set up by the Christian outdoors group Legacy Outfitters. They had bouncy castles, free sno-cones, ponies, snakes, animal parts, and assorted RV's. In other words, the perfect place for me and the girls to spend a morning.

Sunday I was kid-free (mine anyway) and finally back on Spring Creek in Seeker's Fate. The recent rains had sent a look of water into Spring Creek, however by Sunday afternoon flow rates had dropped to under 100 cfs (cubit feet per second). This meant occasionally we had to get out and push. Worse, the ATVers were out in force tearing up the river, even though this is against the law ($500 fine).

But the saying is true, the worst day on the water is still better than the best day at work. This is even more true when you have a bunch (nine this time) of friends along. Add to it one has been a friend (Hey Jen, you're now famous!) for the last 22 (23?) years and it makes it that much better. She's been my friend since 1986 even though she hits me a lot. Funny thing, we met in Hawaii then didn't see each other again for 11 years (though we wrote a lot). We managed to meet for a few hours in 1997 when we were both at the Houston airport. Two years after that she ended up moving to Houston and now works at a business less than two miles from our house. How cool is that?

Exploring a side tributary.

Spring Creek is beautiful.

The strainer.

The only tricky part on Spring Creek is under a railroad bridge. Old pilings and chunks of concrete/rebar make this spot a thrilling ride. There's only one opening big enough for a cane to pass through and since the water levels were low we ended up having to get out and drag the boats over the broken concrete.

After that it was a peaceful float down a lazy, Texas stream. We stopped at one sandbar to hunt for Akokisa Indian arrowheads. No luck finding any.

We were only doing a short run from I-45 down to the canoe launch at Riley-Fuzzel. It took us about two hours, even with assorted stops. It's a great way to spend an afternoon.

And now for "What did Merriwether learn?
1. Bowling balls float!

2. Seven adults and two children are easily amused by a floating bowling ball.

Peace be with you.


Wildcat said...

The bowling ball ended up at my house. Last night it got a bath and pushed around in the stroller and was tightly tucked into it's own bed with it's own teddy bears to keep it company while everyone else slept.

The trip was fun, the kids enjoyed it too.


clarktx said...

For those of us who aren't chemists, exactly how much is a "look of water"? Your answer can be in gallons or CF/S.

Lone Star Chris said...

FYI, not all bowling balls float. Since they are all roughly close to the same size, but vary in weight anywhere from 8 to 16 pounds, it is fair to say that the heavier is twice as dense than the lighter. That is why your ball floats. I'm guessing it weighs less than 11 pounds, yes?

Why I know this actually makes a lot more sense than it sounds. Bowling balls with a bunch of 1.5" pvc pipe sticking out of them make excellent fish cover.