Sunday, July 20, 2008

And On the 166th Week Merriwether Rested...

Of course by rested I mean:
1. Was out until 2:30am Saturday Morning with the guys.
2. Then up at 7:04am that morning to get the girls.
3. And spent the next FIVE HOURS flinging them down the Slip-n-Slide.
4. Then put Mambo down for a nap so I could work with Miniwether on her knife-handling skills (she loves her knife training!).
5. Followed by watching "Mulan" twice in a row.
6. After which we went to a neighbor boy's 5th birthday party
7. Where a margarita machine was set up to keep the parents entertained.
8. Margaritas, hot dogs, and birthday cake ROCK!
9. Suddenly it was Sunday morning.
10. I was up at 7:10am, fed the girls breakfast and took them to church, sans Misseswether.
11. Got back from church, made lunch for the entire family, played with the girls, did some gardening, then sent everyone to bed for an mid-afternoon nap.
12. All that's left is to make gumbo for supper (with okra fresh from my garden sliced up by Miniiwether!), watch Mulan again, and make sure everyone is happy. Monday morning will be here soon and I have a busy week ahead of me. I'm glad this was a slow weekend.

Peace be with you.

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