Sunday, June 22, 2008

Learning the Wilds of Houston

The cool thing about Planarian worms is if you train one to do something then kill it and feed it to other planarian worms, these new worms will pick up the same trick.

For some reason Miniwether found this concept to be rather frightening. She didn't like the planarian worm video. She and Mambowether did love everything else about the Houston Arboretum. Let's face it, what's not to like about a place with all the wilds of the Piney Woods but air conditioned and comfortable on a hot June day?

Wild woods in a wild city.

Okay, not all 115 acres are air conditioned. In fact it's pretty much limited to one room but oh my what a room! We ended up spending over three hours touching and listening and poking and watching and learning about the plants and animals that make Texas woods their home.

Mambowether learning about wee water beasties.

Snakes, insects and many an other creature, all just waiting to be examined by some curious kid.

Miniwether liked the ostrich egg most of all.

Mambowether liked the pink plastic frog. She's always had a thing for frogs.

We actually did get outside for a bit. There's five miles of trails through the arboretum. We saw approximately 50 yards of these trails before Miniwether took a flying crash. She seems to do that a lot. If you look closely at the picture you'll see I caught her in the middle of the fall.

I'm pretty sure posting that picture knocks me out of any Father Of The Year contest.

Tears were wiped away with peanut butter sandwiches and Diet Pepsi (uncompensated product endorsment, dang it) and we returned to the Discovery Room.

Learning about stuff that lives in trees.

Learning about fish, turtles, crayfish, and frogs in the water.

Learning about leaves, animal tracks, and the delicate design of butterfly wings.

I'm thinking the Arboretum trails will be a nice place to poke around come the cool weather of fall. But on a hot summer's day the Discovery Room gave us a day in the woods without all the sweat, bugspray, and dehydration. I can always tell how much fun a place was by how soundly the girls sleep on the ride home. They both were out before we got to the 610 / I-10 interchange. I don't know, maybe I'm still in the running for Father of the Year...

I think I have Mambowether's vote.

Peace be with you.

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