Sunday, May 18, 2008

Week #3: REDRUM

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
-Ancient Egyptian Proverb

I am going bonkers.

It doesn't help that work has been a quasi-nightmare. 60-hour weeks are wearing my thin. I've been having a lot of successful experiments if by "successful" you means "I've learned something". However, if you mean successful as in "it'll make the company gobs of money" then I'm screwed. Sometime in the next month I'll have to explain to the CEO of a multibillion dollar company why his timeframes of coming up with new products is daft. For some reason he thinks a group of four chemists can in six months solve twelve problems that have plagued the hydrocarbon industry for over thirty years.

True, we are the real-life equivelent of Buckaroo Bonzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers but then again, half of them were dead by the end of the movie.

This coming week will be even worse. Along with my normal workload I will also be attending eleven hours of class EACH DAY. On the plus side once the class is over I will know how to design and run a frac job. It is always good to have back-up skills when you are in a high-risk profession.

So what happens when an adventure is put under high pressure and not allowed to go adventuring?

He comes up with a way to adventure vicariously.

I call her Carmina Burana

She is a Victorian-era, steam powered airship almost ready to take to the skies in search of adventure, excitment and exploration!

Please, someone take away my caffeine!

Peace be with you.



Dr. Zyme said...

I especially like the Shiner hanger in the background. Can I come help you design airships?

Izzy G. said...

Steampunk is the best.

ClarkTX said...

I found a great deal of solace, and dare I say, enjoyment, in what you were saying about how they expect you to solve these problems in a few months with a dirty dozen style crew. I sometimes get served a similar flavor of crapsicles in my work. It usually goes like this: "hey, clark, why don't you design a new accessory for the wii fit, which has these accellerometers attached to the persons leg, so they can do kick boxing, and by the way lets do all this before trying to partner with a software house to actually develop the game and no, Nintendo won't talk to us about it so you reverse engineer the wiimote first and then maybe, just maybe, Nintendo will condescend to partner with us after we prove we can do it. PS your pro-e guy just quit to go work for bose (yes bose), your EE just quit to go work for a major ISP" And by the way all of that is 100% true and not a joke. Looking back at what I just wrote, it probably sounds cool to some people, but for reasons that might be clear to other people in the industry, it registers as 'verbal masturbation' on the possibilty-meter. (for those of you who don't know, thats right above 'wildly implausible' and right below 'STFU' on the possibility-meter). Anyway, I hope your meeting goes well... just remember the R&D motto: "A failed prototype isn't wasted money, its money saved down the road!" Focus on how the things you have learned have positioned your group to get on the springboard of success, and you'll be there working diligently to insure that they don't bang their head on it on the way down.