Sunday, May 04, 2008

Merriwether's Ladies

Watching Miniwether catch the second fish of her life this weekend really made me feel like a good dad. The fact that she caught it with her bare hands makes feel like a great dad.

Though perhaps something of a redneck dad...

We were down at Peckinpaugh Nature Preserve (sorry Wildcat, it was a spur-of-the-moment" thing) playing in Spring Creek when I spotted a 4"catfish in some shallow water. I called Miniwether and Mambowether over to see it. They watched it for a bit then Miniwether asked if she could catch it. Now, she's developed amazing hunter skills catching lizards in our backyard. For the last two years the geckos and chameleons around our house (and our neighbors' houses) all were missing their tails from their attempts to escape her grasp.

Sidenote: these lizards drop their tails as a defensive measure against birds and other predators. Miniwether doesn't just catch them and rip their tails off. She gotten to the point know in her lizard-stalking that she can sneak up and grab one by the body with out hurting it. She then proudly runs over to me with it. If Misseswether is with her instead of me then Miniwether just catches it, shows it to Mambowether, then releases it again. Misseswether isn't big into lizards/snakes/bugs or other non-cute&fuzzy critters. Which made her actions later that day all the more suprising and wonderful.

But you'll have to wait a bit on that.

So anyway, Mambowether and I go back to letting the creek water bury our feet in sand while Miniwether crouched motionless back by the catfish. A minute or two later I hear, "Splash! Splash! Splash! Daddy, I caught it!". Runing towards me through the water was Miniwether, triumphantly clutching a wriggling fish to her chest!!

And me without a camera. :-(

She showed the fish to Mambowether and I then released it back into the water.

And then five minutes later she caught it again!

Miniwether's Eyes of a Hunter

We spent about an hour there collecting clam shells and playing in the sand, then it was time to go home for lunch. Misseswether joined us for a quick lunch then ran off to Chinese school. When she got back late that afternoon she was excited and wanted me to look at a picture she took at the school.

Alas, they weren't that type of photo.

A big Buttermilk Racer snake.

The snake crossed the sidewalk in front of her and rather than run away she pulled out her camera and chased after it because she knew I'd want a photo of it. This is the girl who eight years ago panicked, ran into the house and locked the door when some cows came wandering down our street. Of course, I had been in the driveway with her at the time but ended locked out of the house until I was able to convince her the cows were gone.

Apparently hanging around with me has taught her bravery.

I know it taught her excellent first aid skills.

Misseswether (prefered state) and the cat that almost crippled me.

And then there's Mambowether. As much as Miniwether loves the outdoors, Mambowether loves it even more. Sundays in our house can get a little house-bound between church, her naptime, me cooking big Sunday suppers, and new episodes of "The Simpsons". This Sunday evening we were watching The Simpsons when Mambo started fussing and then just howlling. I asked her if she was hurt, hungry, poopy, itchy and every other adjective of discomfort I could think of. Then I asked if she wanted to go outside. The tears and screaming stopped immediately. She said, "Yes, outside. Outside!" and ran for her shoes.

The Simpsons have been on the air since the late '80s. I can skip a new episode to spend time outside with my girls.

Spear? What spear? Oh, this spear...

So, even though I'm the only man in this household I seem to be doing okay.

Peace be with you.



Anonymous said...

I love how reading your posts makes me laugh AND learn. I had no idea that some lizards drop their tails. That sounds gross enough to be completely fascinating.

Miniwether is a force to be reckoned with! I wonder when she'll start wrassling gators...

Wildcat said...

No problem, I understand. Those spur of the moment trips are always fun.


Izzy G. said...

Cute kids, Blast. Good of you to adopt them.