Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some Berry Good News

Wow, last Saturday's birthday blast was amazing. Our house ended up packed wall-to-wall with people! Friends brought other friends and family to the event because:
a) they knew it'd be alright
b) they knew it'd be a good time

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. They really make me feel loved, which is a nice feeling, indeed!

Sidenote: Real, authentic Alabama moonshine kicks serious ass (and brain and liver).

Anyway, I'm not sure if any of the photos from the event are suitable for public veiwing. If so I may put one or two up, but we'll see. I'm still swampped at work plus I have another big weekend river trip coming up. Time seems to be a short as extra spending money. :-(

The good news on top of all this is it's berry season again here in Houston. The wild blackberries, dewberries and mulberries are everywhere! I'm thinking it's time to make some jelly and wine. I know the Wethergirls are pumped. For the next few weeks dessert will involved peddling down to the edge of the neighborhood and gorging ourselves on fresh, sugary berries. Woo hoo!!

Peace be with you.

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