Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Weekend of the Mind.

Of course, the occasional power tool came into play too...

It was a weekend spent making stuff here at the Wetherhold. Young minds, irrigation systems and a plywood cover for the truck...

Young mind blossoms: Sure, there was the usual egg-heavy "He Has Risen!" joy, but the long weekend started off with a special party for Miniwether on Thursday. After a year's work using The Reading Lesson she has finished the 444-page book of lessons and now reads at the level of a second grader. Not bad for a four-and-a-half year old! Way back at the beginning we asked her what would be incentive for her to reach this point. She said going to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza and games. Then for the last year she's bugged Misseswether at least once a day for a reading lesson so as to get her trip to CEC...

Let's party like only the literate can!

Four-wheeling through the masses.

It's all about the ride.

Even Mambowether likes to be behind the wheel.

And ride some more.

Moving water: Friday found me installing a dripline irrigation system in my garden. It took a bit of thought to plumb everything together so I decided to add it to this 'weekend of the mind" post. We've been harvesting peas for the last two weeks and the beans are now about six inches tall. Yummy times are a-comin'

Tubing the water.

Rain water goes into the barrels, through a series of valves and out to my garden. I ran out of the small "t-connectors" so I still have work to do but water does flow to the planted sections of the garden. The rest will be done later.

Another view of my garden.

The loquats will be ripe soon.

The fig tree will take a another year or two. Oh well.

Particle board meets steel: Clark and I are heading out on a Big Bend backpacking trip soon, which means Red Rider will be left unattended on the US/Mexican border for a few days. In order to secure our basecamp equipment I made a bed cover for my truck. I think it turned out quite nice. Even Misseswether said she was supised at how well it turned out and that I never needed her to bandage me. Circular saw, drill, Dremel tool and angle-grinder with a massive cut-off wheel shaped wood and steel into fortress of security. I hope.

cover1.jpg truck2.jpg

Ratcheting tie-down straps hold the cover in place and a steel cable locks it while preventing the opening of the tailgate. I'm hoping it'll also improve my fuel economy for the 600+ miles drive out to Big Bend.

Adventure! Excitement! Making!

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