Monday, March 31, 2008

The loss of my soul

I have walked
along the World's Edge
and breathed
it's thin wind

I have laid under
the desert night
and watched
as Orion the Hunter chased the great bull
amongst a field of a billion billon stars

I have returned from World's End
because there are no words

No way to capture

No way to leave

No way to stay

No way to tell you what fire burned me
At World's End.

But, I'll try...


More to come.


kmat said...

The "Bend" has a way of spoiling your heart and mind of it's beautiful wonders of simplicity. Makes you not want to join back into the fast pace lives we have become so accustomed to.

ClarkTX said...

Personally, I was pretty worthless for the next day and a half, partially due to exhaustion and partly due to a reluctance to return to being the suburban multitool that I was before.

I will leave you with this sentiment:
"Tell me what you see
when you close your eyes

Do you see the stars
and open skies"

Celticsavage said...

Everyone needs to have their breath taken away at least once by nature.

Windrider said...

I'll never forget my experience there either..

To this day, they are some of the best memories in the outdoors I have ever/will ever have.

It is such a spritual place. So much sky and earth stretching for infinite miles it truly is hard to wrap your head around it.

And like you, I to this day have never seen stars, or felt so connected to the earth as I did there.

You've been infected, and its simply wonderful that there is no known cure for it.