Thursday, February 07, 2008

Reaching For The Brass Ring!

The following post appeared tonight on the forum to which I belong.

NorthSouth Productions is seeking an experienced WILDLIFE EXPERT to host a new documentary-style TV series about deadly animals for a national cable network. Want an outdoorsy adventurer, with education and field experience with dangerous animals. Male, 30-50. Charismatic, attractive, smart, communicative, who's not afraid to get his hands dirty...or be up close and personal with deadly animals in the wild. The host is the expert so must be able to communicate his expertise in an engaging way.

If you are up to the challenge or know anyone else who might be, please email your photo and bio to by Monday, February 11th, 2008 to be considered. No phone calls please. We will be in touch.

Thank you,
Tay McEvers
NorthSouth Productions

Dudes and dudettes, this is my shot at the big time (though it could also by my shot at becoming lion lunch)! I humbly ask you to e-mail before Monday, Feb 11th and politely suggest that they give me a screen test. Including your favorite quotes or adventures from this blog might help.

Wow. Can you imagine...?

Adventure! Excitement! Cable!

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BigDaddy said...

I dropped them an email, best of luck to you! I really hope that all the ETSers out there went the extra mile and emailed their support. Hey, if nothing else, trying out for a TV show will make a great blog entry.