Monday, January 07, 2008

Well, that wasn't the hit I expected.

Okay, so my parents are down from Minnestoa. They like to come down every year for the winter holidays. You know, Christmas-New Year's Eve-Valentines Day...

But that okay. They are very easy going and we get free baby sitting out of the deal! (side note: Enchanted was hysterically wonderful but The Golden Compass was pretty lame)

Due to the amazingly full lives we lead last Saturday was the only freel, uninterrupted day we had where we could spend it together. This means one thing in the Merriwether household: Road Trip!

Which turned out to be not such a good idea...

In theory running down to Galveston Island for the day sounded really good. We'd done it in the past many times. Of course, those many times were before the addition of two kids and before my parents entered their mid-70's. That changes things some. Even Misseswether was lukewarm on the idea. Really, only Miniwether and I were excited. I hoped once we got there the others would remember how much fun it was.

Fun is a lot harder to have when you are juggling bladders 22 to 900 months old.

Fun is a lot harder to have when certian areas of the beach we used to go have been converted over to private beaches.

Fun is a lot harder to have when the wife isn't sold on the idea.

But fun is easy to have when you are under five and get to play at the beach.

The joy of collecting stuff washed ashore.

I wish you could hear their squeals. It's definately music to daddy.

"Give me the fricken camera!" says Misseswether.

Poppawether and Momawether soaking up some rays.

After an hour on the Galveston beach I made the mistake of loading everyone back into the Honda Pilot to take the free ferry over to Bolivar Peninsula. On the plus side, Miniwether was able to get a seagull to take some bread from her hand. The downside is once over to the peninsula we drove for over an hour trying to find a beach that was still open to the public. After enough complaining from the passengers I turned around and we went back to the beach on Galveston Island.

Ferry Seagulls

So long story short, next time we'll just spend the day playing cards then go out for Chinese food.

Adventure! Excitement! Prolonged Wetness!


BigDaddyTX said...

Yup, Galveston isn't what it used to be.. but then, that's both good and bad isn't it?

Anonymous said...

we tried the free ferry ride a coupla weeks ago. after an hour of waiting with no idea how much longer till we got on the thing, we left. fortunately we were at the back of the line and the worker let us out. won't be doing that again.