Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Anyone out there have a small trailer for sale? I'm looking for something with about 4-5' wide and 8' long.



Celticsavage said...

you may want to take a look at harbor freight they have a 4x8 folding utility trailer for about 239.99

I have been toying with turning one into a featherweight teardrop travel trailer

Wildcat said...


Lone Star Chris said...

4x8 -$400

here's a whole list...

One thing to think about in this is your HOA and Misseswether. Most of either don't want a trailer sitting in your driveway, and a trailer isn't going to fit throught your back gate. You'll either need to store it offsite (which sucks) or it'll have to go in the garage.

Merriwether the Adventurer said...

That's exactly the trailer that caught my eye. I could easily store it in the garage. Your project sounds cool. I wish I could get more info on what tires I could put on it.

Hey, great links! I didn't know of any of them. Now I just need to keep Misseswether from seeing them...

I check craig's list when I remember but it's blocked at work. :-(