Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lunching in the Sky with Diamonds

Okay, maybe not diamonds but rather hydrocarbons. Hey, it's all carbon and right now they both have about the same value (though Misseswether got really upset when tried painting a ring around her finger with crude oil, but I digress).

So, today I got to have lunch at The Petroleum Club which is a private club for people in the oil business. It's currently located on the 43 floor of the ExxonMobil Building in downtown Houston. The exterior of the building is pretty ugly but inside it's a hardwood and marble thing of beauty.

Good food, too.

I was there to hear a seminar about the economical, technical, legal, and emotional problems facing the CO2 sequestering business. (editor's note: this is just a ten dollar way of saying "stashing greenhouse gases underground"). One of my research projects is tied into this so it made sense to see what others were saying about it. What was said was "Maybe, maybe not."

Hey, sometimes I can be brief.

Anyway, the really cool thing about this place, in my opinion, was the views outside the windows. Forty-three stories is a long ways up!




Hmmm, kind of bland.

Starting to get ugly.

My truck, which Miniwether has named "Red Rider" after her BB gun.

Today has been a very good day.

Adventure! Excitement! Hobnobbing!


betty2dogs said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. It is interesting for this former Houstonite to see the changes in the city skylines since the early 80s. Looks like a real pretty day...

Merriwether the Adventurer said...


I'm glad you liked the photos. You are right, it was an absolutely beautiful day.