Tuesday, January 01, 2008

$400 Up In Smoke

I and two other neighbor/husbands as our wives glared at us.

Ah, mortars. Is then anything more wonderful than launching these warheads into the sky to explode in a brilliant rainbow of sparks?

Yep. Dropping them down a storm sewer!! Me and my neighbors were able to light off three down in the sewers before our wives made us stop. Oh well, it just makes that forbidden fruit so much sweeter!

So anyway, Happy New Year!!! We celebrated the change in years via our normal, excessively smokey manner. Nothing closes one year/opens another quite like a blackpowder orgasim. Mortars, sparklers, fountains and firecrackers! We lit up the sky (uh, and the sewers) like a bad day in Bagdad. It was a thing of beauty! I fire off the big stuff while Misseswether supplies the neighborhood children with gobs of sparklers. A few neighbors chip in for the fireworks and the rest keep me well supplied with Crown Royal and Coke (and margaritas, beer, rum and Cokes, and some sort of poofy fruit/alcohol mixture). Come midnight the sky lights up enough to cause the streetlights to turn off. Oh yeah, and there's lots of kissing then, too.

The night is just beginning.

12-1-F.jpg 12-1-E.jpg
Hottest wife in the 'hood!

The elder Clarkette.

It took us almost two hours to blow everything up and once again there were no injuries. Misseswether runs a tight ship and strictly forbids any unsafe play with the fireworks and sparklers.

But I still love her.

Adventure! Excitement! Ka-Booms!!


Anonymous said...

Some of the best things in life are the ones that blow up in a shower of pretty colors.

Happy New Year!

Carl said...

I guess the rum, coke, and sewer action happened after I left :(

Merriwether the Adventurer said...


Yeah, I heard a few BANGS around 10pm and went out to investigate. Misseswether found me an hour later dancing around with a drink in one hand and a Roman candle in the other. I'm not sure what time we finally made it bed...

Rus said...

Happy New Year!

Ahh... explosions. Such fun.