Tuesday, December 25, 2007

One last Christmas post.

Christmas Eve, 2006.

Christmas Eve, 2007.

The rest of the family is in bed right now. There's a small glass of brandy next to my computer. The day was filled with presents, food, family and joy. What a year, huh? It's hard to believe last Christmas was spent in an airplane heading to China. I like Christmas at home much better...

Poppawether and the girls watching some Christmas special.

Meanwhile Mommawether does the dishes. Misseswether gave up trying to drag Momma out of the kitchen years ago.

Miniwether planned on hiding in hopes of seeing Santa.
And I helped!

Misseswether never had a Christmas tree as a child and always wanted on even if it were the cheapest, tackiest artifical tree ever made. This year I got her one. $14.00 on clearance at Target. Misseswether LOVED it!
Linus was right. It wasn't a bad little tree once it was decorated. I think we'll keep it.

Presents! It was pretty much a Princess Christmas this year. The girls got a bunch of Disney Princess dress-up clothes, Disney Princess books, Disney Princess Moon Sand play set, Disney Princess trampoline (which Mambowether went NUTS over) and I don't know how many pairs of Disney Princess shoes.

Of course, I did a little Christmas shopping, too.
Red Rider BB gun, FTW!!

Well, there's just a few sips of brandy left. I go back to work tomorrow to an empty lab. Everyone else will be on vacation. That's actually kind of nice because I can work without getting interrupted. On the downside, if something blows up there won't be anyone around to help me.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Adventure! Excitment! Love!


chris said...

and to you too! I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as our's was!

-the chris family

Anonymous said...

That last picture is all kinds of hilarious!

Merriwether the Adventurer said...

I think this was probably my best Christmas ever and all I got was a nice, titanium spoon and a cool book. The girls went nuts though.

I call her "Princess Sparkleblaster" now. This comes from the tales of "Princess Sparklebeauty" I spin for her at bedtime.