Friday, December 28, 2007

Crime in the Borderlands

I've mentioned many times in the past The Borderlands along Spring Creek can be a dangerous place. It's several hundred acres of wild space crossed with old trails just minutes outside Houston, making it one of the main dumping grounds for cars stolen by joyriders. Most of the time the vehicles that get dumped here are then torched, leaving nothing but a burned shell.

I guess when the stolen vehicle belongs to a Houston police officer criminals think twice about burning it.

This Suburban was stripped and left on one of the "roads" (term used very loosely) in the Peckinpaugh Nature Preserve off Riley Fuzzel Road. The papers around it were forms from the Houston Police Department and when I peeked through the windows I could see assort peices of a cop's uniform.

I called the police and reported it. A bit later the mobile crime lab showed up and went over the vehicle dusting for fingerprints and stuff like that. I couldn't take any pictures of that.

So, here's a nice picture of Spring Creek.

Adventure! Excitment! Crime!

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