Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I'm assuming many of you have seen/heard/been annoyed by Successories corporate slogan posters. They have pretty pictures and extoll the virtues of team work, innovation, and selling your soul to the company leaders. They adorn the walls, calenders and mugs of my workplace.

Of course, something so sugary must be mocked.

Better still, you can make your own, and that's where the contest comes in. If you go to THIS LINK you can make your own Successories-style poster. What I want is for you to take pictures from my blog and make a funny poster.

For example:

Now to do this you need to download the picture of your choice from my flickr.com pages (click on a picture on my blog and it'll take you there) then upload the picture HERE. Add text, have the site work it's mojo, and save the resultant poster to your computer. Then email it to me at "merriwetheradventurer at yahoo dot com". I'll put the results up on this blog with credit to you. On Oct. 25th I'll choose the poster I like best and send it's creator something neat like a chunk of petrified wood or maybe a small compass.

Sidenote: please refrain from sex, religion or politics as it is far too easy to come up with jokes about those subjects in conjuction with canoes.

Adventure! Excitement! Filler!

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