Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Joy of Making

Readers of this blog may have noticed I enjoy making things. There's a certain thrill a person gets when they look at some finely handcrafted object that sprang out of their mind, through their hands, and into reality.

Or in my case that feeling of , "Eh, good enough." as I stare at some mad conglomeration of tin cans, duct tape and JB Weld...

Making runs in my family. I don't think my dad has ever owned something without modifying the heck out of it. He takes great pride in his ability to turn one thing into another. We grew up watching him do it, and in light of family finances back then we all picked up the skill to varying degrees.

Of my brothers and I, Articwether (who calls Alaska home) definately is the best maker. He's the only person I know who can design a project on paper, go to Home Depot, walk out with a bunch of wood, steel & bolts, and assemble some amazing contraption without ever having to go back to Home Depot (or the emergency room for chlorine gas inhalation).

Not suprisingly he's an engineer. It really helps if those guys are precise in their work. I don't think he even owns a roll of duct tape.

So, anyway, I'm constantly jealous of his creations: furniture he's made, greenhouses he's built, clothing he's sewn...

And now I find out he built a flying saucer!!

Houston, all your base are belong to us!!

Apparently the firm he works for was going to get rid of some old, 10-ft diameter satellite dishes. He grabbed them and brought them home. His neighbor welded up the landing gear while Articwether built the interior floor and added portholes. Then they bolted everything together and sent their kids off into space. Lately I've been wanting to do that, too. But I digress.

Roswell, he we come!

A few years ago I discovered an abandoned satellite uplink station out in the Borderlands.

After seeing Arcticwether's saucer I figured I could do the same with these dishes. Unfortunately someone else has scavenged them. I guess that mean's only the Alaskan branch of our clan will have interplanetary flight capabilities. That's probably for the best...

Adventure! Excitement! Boldly going where No-wether has gone before!


Crunchberry's mom said...

i made one of these last year! mine is made from 2 12 foot satellite dishes. wish i could put a pic on the comment...

Garden Geezer said...

Yknow I was just thinking of making one of these for the grandkids, so of course I looked on the web for inspiration and there was your brothers "contraption".
I really enjoyed your catwashing story. We have 2 cats also and 1 I can do anything with and the other NEVER lets me pick him up without a good deep scratch and fight to remember him by.

Peter said...

Came across your page while in my 4th day searching for similar size dishes for my own project. Can you provide any info about what they are, how to find one etc?

Merriwether said...

Peter, they were microwave relay station dishes that my brother bought from an USAF base being dismantled. You might check USA government surplus auctions to see if more come up.