Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Comedy = Tragedy + Time

So, I'm $350 poorer and can't have beer for another four days.

Friggin cat.

Five days after the war.

Pretty, isn't it? And that's after several days of antibiotics. I had heard that cat bites are exceptionally nasty. Turns out 40% of cat bites end up requiring medical attention.

So, let me show you my week...

Time zero.

This is about an hour after the bite. Shine pierced my finger in a number of places but the worst were his upper incisor penetrated to the bone on the side of my finger (small bloody spot) and a lower incisor punctured the middle pad of the same finger also down to the bone (not shown). The second puncture was significantly more painfull as it went straight through muscle.

Turns out Misseswether had secretly prepared hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic cream and bandages before I ever started the cats' bath water. After prying the cat off my finger we immediately washed the bites with the hydrogen peroxide, then soap and water. After finishing up with the cats we rewashed the wounds with the hydrogen peroxide, soap/water, then smeared it with triple-antibiotic cream and bandaged everything up. The finger was a little swollen and already very tender.

The next morning it was very swollen and VERY tender. Misseswether wanted me to go to the doctor but, well, I'm a guy...I didn't go when I dislocated my shoulder (don't ask), why would I go for a measely cat bite?

The next day (less than 48 hours since the bite) I begged my doctor to see me. Imagine a finger twice it's normal size, purple, and feeling like it was filled with fire ants. For those of you who don't know what what fire ant bites feel like, imagine a finger soaking in acid. Yeah, it's like that. The areas around the punctures had turned a lovely shade of black.

My doc gave me a shot of penicillin in the @ss (actually, his really cute nurse did!) and wrote me a 10-day prescription for Augmentin (a penicillin derivative). He also warned if it got worse to come back immediately.

Day 4, 6am in the morning.

I'd been on the anitbiotics for a day and a half. No reduction in swelling. No change in the finger's size, color or pain. Friggin cat.

Day 4, 6pm in the evening.

During the day the finger got progessively worse. Remember the fire ants? Now they were giant, mutated radioactive ants armed with lemons and broken glass.

And I couldn't have beer!

Day 5. Ugly!

Yep, this is where you came in. It's such a good photo I had to show it twice! I spent Saturday morning in the emergency room waiting for my name to be called. The doctor had a wonderfully sadistic time lancing the wound and squeezing the pus out. According to him, the pressure of the pus pocket sealed off the capillaries supplying blood to my finger.

This is a bad thing.

After releasing the pressure(!) the blood could flow again, bringing the oral antibiotic to the site of infection. Gee, who would have thought squeezing a swollen, purple member of a man's body until white liquid squirts out was an reccomended medical treatment?

Keen observers will notice this is my LEFT index finger. Yep, you guessed it, I'm left handed. Want to try something fun ("fun" being used in the sense of "fun for other people")? Change a baby's explosively poopy diaper with the index finger of your main hand stuck straight out and covered with wounds.

Stupid friggin' cat.

Day 6. The antibiotic is finally working. The swelling started to go down and the pain dropped back to non-mutant ant levels.

Day 7, with continous drainage.

Note: Shine in the background, still alive.

So anyway, that was my week. Assorted punctures, fluids, doctors, and ample use of the credit card.

And no beer.

Adventure! Excitement! Hot blond nurse rubbing my @ss!


bludvigs said...

Glad to hear that your finger is getting better. Hope the fleas are gone too... Strange, with all of your adventures, the one that end with required medical attention occurred in your own home. Actually, they (who ever they are) say that most accidents occur in or around the home. So next time you give the princes a bath, take them to Spring Creek.

Ryan Thompson said...

Ouch :( Reminds me of those supposed spider bite photos people are always sending each other on the net. Part of the guy's hand ended up exploding, more or less.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. I'm on day 1.5 with my right knuckle swollen up like a golf ball. Lets hope the antibiotics work and I can skip that whole necrotic tissue thing...

Anonymous said...

I had my own cat bite me once (afraid of a dog which was jumpin all over me, stupid thing) and I was on antibiotics for 3 months!

Do NOT mess with this. Take care.

Kristen said...

Luckily, my cat bites me all the time and they don't get [that] infected..
Well, lets just say you kind of got owned.. maybe you should fit your kitties with a muzzle next time you attempt to rid them of fleas..
Well, I hope your finger gets better. And, by the way, I would have loved to be your doctor.
Yes. Gross, I know.

Tabitha said...

Yep. Cat bites can get really nasty. They hold A LOT of bacteria in their mouths naturally. And all of that usually gets transferred when you're bitten. It's horrible. That's why a lot of people end up taking their cat (who has previously gotten in a fight with another cat) to the vet for a "swollen" paw, or face, or what have you. All the bacteria just cooks under the skin creating an abscess. Luckly it didn't get bad enough that you had to place a drain in it. Hope things are normal now! :)

Mallo said...

I know exactly what that is like, except we (my boyfriend and I) had to bathe FIVE fully-clawed adults. The chunkier one decided to lift himself out of the tub my means of sinking his claws into my butt cheek and yanking. Fun. Luckily none of our battle wounds became infected. (Hoping that yours is better soon! That looks nasty x.x )

However, over this passed summer we have done three flea-bombings and multiple spot treatments, fur-combings, spray treatments, etc, and there are still fleas everywhere. I've been meaning to give this a try, but I have been in and out of work lately so I'll have to save for it. It's not super expensive it's just out of my budget.
Take a look into it. It seems like a promising alternative to harmful, non-productive chemicals. Hopefully you can get rid of the nasty little blood-suckers! Good luck!