Thursday, August 16, 2007

I don't know...

If I have the time to keep this blog going.

I'll try my best, but time has become gold coins which need to be spent wisely.

Readers, if you want me to continue then leave a comment. Just a word of encouragement or a blurb about how I inspired you to do something wild. If the demand is there I'll keep at it.

Adventure! Excitement! Exploration!


Chris said...

hi. Chris here. I introduced myself to you via your blog quite a while ago. I read it. I talk about it. I look forward to it enough to check every single weekday to see if you've updated. I don't know how much more important I can make your blog sound to me without sounding like a freak. Ok, how's this... I have an emergency pouch I carry with me, thanks to you. (complete with everything you suggested). Um... what else... Lake Charolette was a totally awesome paddling trip thanks to you. I tried to post about this, but for some reason it never showed up on your site. We got out there and I realized my gps was totally hosed and also the put in isn't usable for the next few years due to bridge 'improvements' at trinity. (that turned out to be fortunate though because, unlike your trip, this was almost summer time and if you haven't been then I'm not sure I can possibly explain the wasps nests or the deep rooted fear involved. Briefly, 10-18" dia. nests every 5', eye level in my kayak. uh, i don't think so. That stream y'all came up, im-freaking-possible) No, i never found the swamp treasure.

What else? I was so excited when you and mamawether brought home mambo. So excited I called my wife.

I don't know what else to say really. You're on one side of this as the writer, and I'm on the other. I can't very well just say, 'hey I'm listening, write for me,' but at the same time I've read so much of what you have to say that I don't want to just not...have this anymore.

and i'm not the only one. I've SEEN your counter. geez man, you haven't posted in a month and you've had over 1000 hits. We just keep checking to see... maybe clark's almost drowned under another pipeline. (please, no.)
Or maybe you've found a new brightly colored, slightly toxic insesect to fry up, who knows.

I know you, because you've allowed me(us) to. Invited us to. And you've kept us here because you are an interesting person who inspires and challenges. You're a good family man and a good friend, i can tell, and it will be my personal loss if you decide to discontinue your blog.

Spring, Texas

Anonymous said...

Yeah! What he said!!!

Anonymous said...

Plus, I'm going to just keep leaving stupid comments until you continue the story.

Anonymous said...

More. We need MORE!

Anonymous said...

More. We need MORE!

Anonymous said...

Come On, Man!! More!

LG said...

Ditto to Chris's basic message!! :)
Please write when you can...your blog is of value to many of us. I'm a single mom and have used your site many times to help my son prepare for scouting trips. Plus he's been up to Spring Creek with his God Father using info from your blog.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the only one I regularly check...don't stop writing! I admire your willingness to share, your love of family, and your sense of wonder!I feel like you are a friend.