Tuesday, May 29, 2007


If you read this blog you've probably heard/seen Les Stroud, aka Survivorman. He gets paid to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere and film his attempts to survive. So far he's collected each paycheck. His survival gear usual consists of nothing plus a Leatherman multitool. Seven days later his producer comes back and gets him.

It's a really cool show.

Well, the first season is now available on DVD for only $16 at Walmart. This is half the price of anywhere else PLUS you get a thrid, bonus DVD showing how to survive a flooded out house, car and office building. It totally rocks! We had a survivor party last Monday and the guests were spellbound. Here in Houston flooding is a regular event yet very few people are prepared. The bonus "Urban Disaster: Flood DVD really hit home and made an impression.

Now maybe next time there's a natural disaster here they won't all end up on my doorstep.

Anyway, if you like this blog then go to Walmart and get the Survivorman DVD. Sidenote: absolutely no one has paid me or given me anything in return for this endorsement. That really ticks me off. C'mon suppliers! I know you read this blog! Toss me a bone!

Oh yeah, that speaking of bones, if you've ever wanted to see how a taxidermist stuffs an elephant head over to the Gander Mountain store on I-45 in Spring, TX. They are are doing it live (except for the elephant) there right now. Elephant skulls look cool.

Adventure! Excitement! Will Adventure for Cash and Gear!

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