Monday, May 07, 2007

Family Tales

Tonight around 4:30 my friend is picking me up to go out and familiarize myself with his ATV's before we climb the mountain to his cabin.
We are going about an hour away from here, he has some bear sets there he wants to check.
He has hipowered guns on both ATV's. Hope the ATV he loans me is faster then his. The bears are out of hibernation now and are hugnry.
Sure looking forward to going up that mountain.

-Email from my one-legged, 75-year old dad earlier this week, currently up in Alaska.

Note the really large revolver on his hip.

The above picture/message pretty much sums up Poppawether. He and Mommawether are up in Alaska right now visiting my brother. Mommawether is mad at him because he paid a bush pilot over $200 to fly him up over the arctic circle. I understand his reasoning completely. Alas, Misseswether faces the same problems with me.

However, I do try and make it up to her. For instance, this weekend I took her and the girls up to Huntsville for the annual Airing of the Quilts. Yep, lots of pretty fabric cut up and sewn back together with millions of stitches.

Happy happy Missewether!

Amazing work.

Mambowether finds something more interesting...

Best advertisment ever.

Some of the quilts were pretty amazing, but they really can't keep the son of a bear-hunter interested. Misseswether knew that and so beforehand she let me draw her into the borderlines for a bit. She's a good, good woman. The fact that yummy mulberries were juicy and ripe helped.

So very good...

And don't forget the escargot. Missewether found it, Miniwether claimed it.

Ready to poke any monsters.

mambo1 mambo2
Mambowether on the loose.

We also had the pleasure of meeting up with "kmat" from the forum. That website is filled with a lot of smart gearheads. If you want to know what's the best LED flashlight or way to purify water while hiking, they are the ones to talk to.

Electrons made real.

It was a good weekend which almost made up for the previous week from hell at work. I had a meeting with my latest boss today (I went through three bosses last week due to rather vigorous reorganizations) and he asked me to meet with some field engineers to find out what technology the desire the most. The catch? The engineers are in Russia, China, and South America. Looks like me and my passport are heading back to the airport. Wonderful.

Adventure! Excitement! Many Things!

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