Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Drowning in Spring Creek: Updated

Update: Randle's body has been found.

Yesterday (Tuesday, May 29th) thirty students from a nearby high school headed down to the Riley-Fuzzel Nature preserve to go swimming in Spring Creek, ignoring the fact that the flow rate was over 2000 cubic feet per second. Spring Creek is considered too dangerous to canoe at 600 cubic feet per second.

Thirty went to the creek. Twenty-nine returned.

May God watch over Randle Terry's soul.

Texas Equusearch is trying to find him, but bad weather is hindering their efforts. Search boats had to launch into the San Jacinto river down at Hwy 59 then motor up the San Jacinto to Cypress creek, then from Cypress creek to Spring creek. It's over fifteen miles dodging partially submerged tree branches and other fast-moving debris in the brown, racing water. By canoe it takes almost seven hours.

Note to self: donate money to Equusearch.

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