Saturday, April 28, 2007

Food of the Gods

I like to think I didn't start life as a redneck. True, growing up we were dirt poor but in a classy, thoughtful sort of way. Wild foods consisted of fish caught in Minnesota lakes/rivers, squirrels from the forest, pheasants from the crisp autum skies, and deer from the cleared corn fields. Fresh fruits and vegetables came from our garden or in trade with other families.

Scrounging food from vacant lots and eating water bugs? No way, we were poor but not crude.

Turns out we were pretty foolish back then. Luckily I've learned a lot over the years. Now when it's blackberry and crawdad season I'm out there gorging my face full of some of the yummiest foods available here in Texas ditches.

Due to a cool, rainy spring the blackberries aren't as good as other years.

However, I can't really complain...

Mambowether certainly didn't!

Miniwether already knows what makes for good eatin'.

Yep, she really knows.

Poking food with sticks.

Bad berry weather, good crawdad weather!

Being a Midwesterner, I really want to call them "crayfish". However, that always results in somewhat uncivilized verbal corrections from the locals...

Mambowether, after a lot of scubbing. Blackberry juice stains are dang hard to get off! Note: she does have two legs, one is just hidden under her dress.

Anyway, both the blackberries and the crawdads will be around for a bit longer. With that in mind, can anyone help me move a couch out onto our front porch? I may as well ride the redneck lifestyle all the way to it's glorious conclusion!

Adventure! Excitment! You jus' might be...!

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Jen said...

It's not crawdad either, ya' damn Yankee. It's "crawfish" or "mud bugs". And ifin y'all are eatin' 'em, y'all ain't a redneck, y'all's a coonass.