Sunday, April 01, 2007

Almost Eaten.

You know that thing about parents suddenly developing superhuman strength to rescue their kid? Yeah, that really does happen.

What's funny was it wan't even an offical adventure. It was just a bike ride around the neighborhood and suddenly I'm trying to free Miniwether from the jaws of a beast many times her size. She's okay, but the hem of her new dress ended up pretty masticated.

Who would have thought a cow could go so bad?

On the edge of our neighborhood there live five four cows, one bull, and (currently) one calf. They are very tame as lots of people like to swing by and toss them old veggies to munch. The cows come running up to the fence to nibble the snacks and get their ears scratched by anyone who approaches. Miniwether likes to go there and feed them carrots and pet their noses. It was going along fine until a gust of wind fluttered her dress up. A cow snatched it's hem and began eating, dragging a startled Miniwether closer and closer to big, grinding teeth!

I grabbed the dress and began to pull. The cow had already taken up almost a foot of the dress into it's mouth and had no interest in giving it back. Apparently yellow cotton with a small flower print is a bovine delicacy. As I pulled the cow began to pull back, dragging me and my daughter towards the rusty barbwire fence. I remember thinking my last tetnus shot was 21 months ago (don't ask) but couldn't remember if Miniwether had had one. Rather than find out the hard way I let out a huge bellow and with muscles straining to the point of bursting I pulled the slobber-covered dress free of the cow's mouth.

Panting, I carried Miniwether out of reach then set her down to see how she was doing. Suprisingly she was mellow about the event. Her only issue was that half her dress was covered in cow drool and she wanted to go home and change into something dry.

Then she wanted to come back and play with the cows some more.

Yep, she's my girl!

Adventure! Excitment! Mastication!

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