Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mind, body, and soul.

The Universe spins around and round in perfect gravitational balance while atoms and molecules are held spinning in orbit by the strong and weak nuclear forces.

It's things in between that spin out of control.

That's where I am right now, somewhere between an atom and the Universe.

Barely in control.

Insomnia, being a dad to new child (even one as awesome as Mambowether), dealing with a reorganization at work, trying to be a good husband, good homeowner, good son, good scientist, good blogger and an adventurer...

You know what I mean. The same stuff (with some variations) that y'all deal with.
How did we all end up to be such mad jugglers?

I'd like to think I could handle it all if I could at least control the insomnia. I've seen too many 3:00am's slowly tick to 6:04am. I've recently turned to Lunestra. It's pretty good except that I rarely actually have a time when I can be out for eight hours.

Oh well.

But hey, you didn't come here to listen to me complain, you are hear to hear about my latest adventures. Seeing as this last weekend was a 3-day-er I have a plethora of stuff to share. Trust me, you'll wish you were an adventurer like me (but without the aformentioned insomnia, heavy responsibilities, etc...)

What's a three day weekend without a little time travel? The family (extended to Mommawether and Poppawether) made a short juant back to 1800's Texas. Yep, once again we partook in yummy foods, black powder, and assorted skill sets from my parent's childhood. Uh, my parents aren't 150 years old. They just both grew up on farms without electricity during the Great Depression. The way they did stuff wasn't that much different than the way things were done 100 years earlier. At least that's the case if you believe Poppawether. I suspect Mommawether's accounts of farm-life back then are somewhat more reality-based than Poppawethers. Her stories are still pretty amazing if not downright terrifing (especially the ones about when their barn burned down killing all their livestock and destroying all their grain and silage!).

But I digress. Let's stretch the mind with pictures of Way Back Then...

MakingButter.jpg MakingRope.jpg Spinning.jpg LoomWithAView.jpg
Making butter, rope, yarn and cloth.

celler.jpg corn.jpg MeatOnSticks.jpg
Mmmm, carrots, cornmeal, and meat on sticks!

Music.jpg Parentalwethers.jpg
They really were entertained, but, well, they are Minnesotans...

PoppaAndMini.jpg Native.jpg
Cowboys and Indians.

Misseswether is balanced.

What's a weekend without spending time in the woods? A bloody hellish weekend, that's what! My quest for the perfect sandbar boondocking spot continued. Well, I think I was successful! 1.69 miles from home I found a sweet sandbar untouched by anything but deer, feral hogs, raccoons, something with big claws that crawled out of the water, and maybe a pack of wild dogs. Perfect for camping! It's far enough from I-45 that the traffic sounds are gone. All you can hear are the sounds of the creek, the wind, and assorted things rustling in the brush.

Ent.jpg happy.jpg shell.jpg Perfection.jpg

Mambowether was baptized this Sunday. Ah, salvation. Not just for the wicked, the unjust, and the Democratic presidential candidates. The public declaration was made that we will raise her as a Catholic and she was welcomed into the congregation. Yeah, God!!

Girls.jpg Generations.jpg
done.jpg beauty.jpg
Entering the grace and glory of God, amen.

So, do I seem a little busy to you?

Adventure! Excitment! Koyaanisqatsi!

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Anonymous said...

Love Love Love the family photo! Mambowether looks like she's yelling "Yeah God!"