Monday, January 22, 2007

To all my friends, fellow time-travellers, equippeders, and lurking anonymi...

Wow, the out-pouring of shared joy, congratulations, and good will from y'all has caught me off guard! I never thought when I started this blog so many people AROUND THE WORLD would be interested in the overly-imaginative ramblings of a man with a poorly developed sense of self preservation. In the last week or so I've received e-mails from six continents with words of support and joy over our latest addition to the family. Let me tell you, those words of support have been a big help considering I'm currently a frazzled, sleepless new dad who right now feels he's going to snap at any second. Ah, parenthood...all the hours, smells, and labor of dairy farming but without the burdensome government regulations.

Anyway, that being said I do want to apologize for falling behind on my blogging. On the plus-side the sleep deprivation has kicked my imagination into overdrive. For instance, I was driving home from work staring at the car in front of me wondering why clowns were crawling all over it. I woke up just before I hit the curb. Yep, parenting and hallucinations. They go together like ice cream and vigorous tongue action. Uh, but I digress. I just wanted to say hopefully I'll be posting about shopping in Guangzhou in a few days. I'm not sure where all the milk-based oralness came from.

Oh yeah, new baby.

Adventure! Excitement! Drool!

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