Sunday, January 28, 2007

China Part 4: Eating *things*

If it can cast a shadow, it's edible.
-Guangzhou saying.

Isn't anyone going to eat the head?
-Our guide, halfway through the meal.


My theory has always been that when traveling you should eat the local foods you can't get at home.

I have modified this sentiment somewhat after my first encounter with sandworms. It's now, "When travelling, pack peanut butter".

This is coming from the guy who has cooked up/eaten grasshoppers.
Which turned out to be toxic grasshoppers.

But enough about me. Let's look at some of the things considered to be food in China. Note, some of you might want to skip this post (I'm looking at you, Romey).

These were swimming in a tank. I have no idea what it is.

Actually, snake isn't bad...

However, snakes (plural), that's bad.

Mud eels? Yeah, right there with snakes, baby!

These were advertised as "Local Turtles". Considering the local waterways were cesspools, I can't help but wonder about those who buy them.

I'm assuming the toads taste similar to frogs which taste kind of like...

Chicken (with aforementioned head).

Which is kind of like pigeon.

World-famous pigeon, in fact.

Big, juicey, moving water beetles. Think popcorn that crawls around inside your mouth.

Don't forget the silkworm larva (also available pickled).

Sandworms. Okay, given the choice I'm heading back to the silkworm grubs...

The Chinese can make "bacon" out of anything. Duck pressed flat, coated in lard and salt, then smoked is just one of the many forms of bacon avaiable.

Okay, how about something sweet: Daddy feeding Mambowether boiled rice with bits of chicken.

We spent a few days out where they had never had a Westerner and so they had no forks. Luckily I packed my hobo-knife, otherwise Miniwether may have starved.

One last dish to share with you. I have to admit it was incredibly tastey, kind of like a cross between lamb and venison. It was a special treat prepared for us by the restuarant owner in light of us being the first Westerners ever to eat in his place. Click on the picture if you don't know what it is.

Adventure! Excitement! Protein is protein!!

Coming next, China Part 5: Going native.


Michelle said...

suddenly tofu seems less inedible

Anonymous said...

Always wanted to try dog. Family didn't let me when my previous dog died at 10yrs.