Monday, January 15, 2007

China Part 1: The Mile-High Christmas Club

LAX International Terminal 6:30pm Christmas Eve

Okay, I'm not going to say 14 hours in the cheap seats of a plane bound for China is as painful as giving birth, but when you are 6'5" it's defiantely an experince the Devil himself takes notes on. Three hours into the flight I was in agony and didn't know how I'd make it there and back again...

Flashback: It was raining in Houston when we left on the morning of Christmas Eve. A four hour flight brought us to Los Angeles followed by an eight-hour layover before getting on to the Southern China 747 for the 14-hour flight needed to bring us to Mambowether. We left American soil at 11:48pm on Christmas Eve and celebrated the birth of our Lord 35,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean. Christmas Day only lasted a few hours before we crossed the International Date Line and jumped directly to Dec. 26th.

We spent two days recuperating then on Dec 28th we joined several other families in a bland Chinese-government building to receive our child. The door burst open and a Sherman-tank-shaped Chinese lady marched up to us and with a big smile thrust a large lump of smelly baby clothing and blankets into Misseswether's arms. The clothing and blankets began to squirm and suddenly a meaty fist popped out followed by a bewildered looking baby's face. All around us similar unions were taking place as babies wrapped in 4-6 layers of clothing were handed off. It was a triumphant chaos of cries, cheers, babble and camera flashes. Imagine a whirlwind of nine familes suddenly popping into existence in the middle of a circus during a hurricane and you might start to get a feel of what was going on.

Incoming Gotcha

Sisters Daddy

Once all the babies were passed out the paperwork and interviews with government officials began. I don't remember what questions they asked us and what papers we signed, only that it took quite a while. Then finally we were all loaded up on the bus and taken back to the hotel.

interviewing Judgement

The Wethergirls

We still had eighteen days left in China before all the paperwork was completed and we could return to the USA. But at that moment time was meaningless. In my arms squirmed a bundle of muscle staring at me with a serious look on her face. She didn't cry or fuss (that would happen later in great excess). She just stared at us like the Judge of Souls. I remember Miniwether repeating over and over "She's my sister! She's my sister! Oh I love her!". Misseswether just smiled lots and lots. Me? I looked at her and thought to myself, "Holy crap, she's strong!".


Coming up next: Adventure! Excitement! Guangzhou!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful family you have. My favorite is the picture of the three girls on the bus. Precious. I'm so happy for you!!!!


Chris said...

What a tub!!! She's just perfect, I'm sure. How old?