Sunday, December 10, 2006

...that started from this tropic port

There are times when an person, reflecting on their current situation, ponders how different their life would be if other choices had been made. For instance, finding themselves huddling under a peice of canvas far away from home as the rain extinguished their cow-dung fire while off in the distance hunting coyotes yipped and howled might lead one to thinking that they had made a series of bad decisions.

But if you are an adventurer the main thought going through your head in such a place at such a time is, "Is this great or what?!".

As usual, things had started many hours earlier. The sun was but a red glow in the East when I set out in Jade Hawk. My goal was the Pirate Island of Avalon. A susposedly mythical nexus where things blended and time ran sideways. Legend claims that when a particular celestial alignment occurs one could enter this sidetracked peice of time.

You don't even need a flux capacitor.

A sword and pistol come in very handy though. And a disguise:

Well, the legend was true. If you go to the right spot at the right time you will end up amongst pirates!
I, Captian Bonnie, her first mate, Grog, and assorted other freebooters, bucaneers and castaways.

And dancers, too!
The man in the green/black/gold coat is the King of the Island of Avalon. He's also a damn fine drummer!

Singing of the sea, its cold depths and the dark fate of souls lost to it.
song shantysinger Everybodysings

Deny this cold fate with more dancing!
dancers EverybodyDances
The red-haired Captian Bonnie offered her ship, The Scurvy Cat, and her crew to help me rescue my daughter, Microwether, currently held captive in Canton, China. Alas, even her band of cutthroats and vilianous exiles are no match for the Chinese government. So instead she and I spent our time looting and pillaging benchs. Hey, on an island filled eternally with pirates there wasn't much else to pillage.

Only one man can come and go to this island on a whim. It explains a lot about where he gets HIS loot...

Alas, to avoid permenantly joining the ranks of these trapped pirates I had to be at the nexus point by the following daybreak. Rather than partake in more song and the free-flowing rum I slid away into the woods, east to where the sun would rise in fourteen hours. The woods were thick and dark as twilight approached. I spread out my bedroll and gathered dried cowdung and wood for a fire. The woodgas stove supplied hot water for my supper of oatmeal+hot coco mix+peanut butter.
The sun set and outside the light cast from my small fire there was nothing but darkness. Then the sound of drums began.

And they came closer.

And closer.

Two gypsy drummers and one very drunk pirate joined me by my fire to parley. A friendship was struck and they invited me to their fire where there was much food, ale, music...

And belly dancers.

I joined them. What man could resist? Deep down I knew it was the island trying to lure me, but being an adventurer, I knew the risk and thought I could avoid becoming lost.

Music played, ale flowed, ladies shimmied and moved like silk in a gentle wind. Above, clouds moved in and blocked my view of the stars, taking away my clock of Cassiopeia and the Big Dipper.

To be continued...

Adventure! Excitement! Escape!


Chris said...

so a pirate walks into a bar with a big ship wheel hanging from his zipper. The bartender looks at him and asks, "isn't that ship wheel bothering you?"
The pirate says, "Aarrrgghhh, it's driving me nuts."

corny, I know. Any word from those commie bastards that are holding your baby for ransom?

Merriwether the Adventurer said...

Yarrgg! Twas a fine joke, that one!

As for China, everything is in place. We bought the airline tickets on Monday, now we just have to sit and watch the days tick by on the calender until departure.

And watch...and watch...and watch. :-(