Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Celebrating the John 3:16 time of year!

Well, things are entering the "OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod!" stage of the adoption here at the Wether household. Considering the time needed to do a quality Christmas coupled with the extra demands of the adoption I have decided to put this blog on hiatus until after the holiday season. Don't worry though, by mid-January I'll have a slew of new adventures, gear, and pictures to share with y'all. Perhaps exciting tales of taking down Christmas lights blindfolded or my quest to return a doohicky using only patomine to converse with the store clerk. Who knows what item I'll accidently ignite, fall off of, or be chased by? I have lots of vacation time saved up, the weather is supposed to be a mixture of good & bad, I have a new sword, and at some point we'll disappear to China for a bit. Sounds like a winning combination to me! Oh yeah, I also already know what I'm getting for Christmas: a one person canoe loader!! Woo hoo! This means the Wethergirls will finally be able to join me on my canoe adventures. Miniwether is pumped about this though Misseswether has asked that we avoid alligator-infested waters until Miniwether is capable of fighting them off with a knife. I immediately called some of the local martial arts schools and inquired about alligator/knife-fighting classes for three year olds, but they all hung up on me, most with very un-Christmasy comments. Phooey on them and their limited skill sets!

So, on that note I wish you all the best, blessed Christmas and an absolutely wonderful New Year. See y'all on the other side of the champagne bottle!!!

Adventure! Excitement! Celebration!


Q. P. Liu said...

Ok. I've found his website detailing these adventures, in which Mark has learned, well, not a whole lot really.

Ursula said...

Bon Voyage and all the bubbly that acompanies your journey into the New Year!!!

May 2007 bring you interesting times!

Chris said...

adventure, excitement, years that are divisible by nine (through a little manipulation)

(2007 - (2+0+0+7)) / 9 = 222
Simple I’m sure, but I still find it interesting that any 2 digit minimum number who’s individual numbers are added up and subtracted from the original, the outcome is divisible by 9. Sure, I could've said the same about '06.
I agree with Christine, may 2007 bring you interesting times. We wish the very best for you and your wonderful family.